USS Ronin relaunched following swift transfers across the Fleet

USS Ronin relaunched following swift transfers across the Fleet

DEEP SPACE THIRTY THREE, ALPHA ISLES — The unpredictability of transfers to new postings is a hallmark of Starfleet life, exemplified by the recent relaunch of the USS Ronin NCC-34523.

Officers and personnel from across the fleet were summoned to crew the Ronin, an older Akira class starship. After several years of refitting to meet modern Starfleet standards, this workhorse of a ship, boasting a storied service history, launched again. Its diverse crew came from the USS Oumuamua NCC-81226, Denali Station, the USS Astraeus NCC-70652, the USS Artemis NCC-81287, and the USS Arrow NCC-69829. Taking command are Cmdr Kerrod Niac and LtCmdr Toryn Raga, previously from the Arrow and Astraeus, respectively.

Though Niac and Raga’s inaugural stint as Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, they warmly welcomed their new crew during a relaunch ceremony on the Ronin’s flight deck. Niac energized the assembly with a stirring speech as he moved among them.

“For your tomorrow, we gave our today. That mission stands above all else: to serve our fellow beings, to sacrifice the present for the future. We embody that in every duty shift, every mission, every sector of space explored, and every new planet visited. With each question posed and each riddle unraveled, we affirm that commitment. And we’ll honor it together.”

While Raga remained stoic throughout the speech, he concluded Niac’s words with a succinct sentiment: “Once a Ronin, Always.”

Despite the majority of the crew not having served together previously, reports indicate that they dove into their roles swiftly. Merely an hour post-ceremony, everyone got down to business. Every department geared up to ensure their maiden voyage was successful, ready to tackle any challenges the seasoned ship might face post-refit, and to adapt to their sudden new assignment.

After a brief dock at Deep Space Thirty Three, the Ronin is now finalizing its preparations to embark on its shakedown cruise in the Alpha Isles.

Written by Karrod Niac

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