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Missing Constitution shuttle could spark Hinji outrage

LERON III – A covert mission into restricted Hinji airspace goes sideways as the Conny loses contact with its crew.

Under directions of Starfleet Command, the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B has reported to the Hinji homeworld to give relief efforts at one of their largest displacement camps. However, Starfleet Command had another, more secretive command for the crew – conduct covert ops in determining a possible military installation on their homeworld which could be in contravention of their Federation charter membership. Now, with the Hinji government demanding the area off-limits and tensions already at an all-time high, Capt Jalana Rajel has to face the possibility of a shuttle downed and missing in action in restricted airspace.

Za captain and first officer kidnapped

HOCKTIN SYSTEM – Military leader kidnaps Za crew during a first contact summit.

What promised to be a politically sensitive first contact mission between the crew of USS Za, NCC 65305, and the Justio and Kranstin nations from the planet Hocktin instead turned into a kidnapping. Captain Kheela Rhani, First Officer Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan and Chief of Security Lt JG Kindo Pandorn were ambushed and kidnapped by Marshall Numiz, military dictator of the Justio faction.

In the wake of the kidnapping the rest of the Za has been left reeling as they look for answers and attempt to mount a rescue mission. The kidnapped crew’s comm signals and life signs have been shielded by an unknown substance on the planet. Chief of Tactical Lt Commander Alexander Williams, left in charge of the Za during the away mission, has been in contact with Kranstin officials to gain more details.

Crew of the USS Gorkon fight for survival

LEUTRA SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Gorkon continue to fight for survival following a major solar event that knocked out power on the ship and left three away teams stranded on a planet that should not exist.

Complicating matters were the appearance of sentient robotic arachnoids, a falling shuttle, and hundreds of pods containing crew members of the Gorkon who should have still been on the ship.

The three away teams lead by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Commander Alucard Vess are still trapped on Leutra IV, a class M world orbiting a magnetar star. The planet’s primary, which spews vast amounts of radiation, precludes the existence of any life-bearing world which had led the Gorkon there to investigate.

Orion Syndicate kidnap members of Starbase 118 Operations staff

STARBASE 118 — Three members of the Starbase 118 Operations staff have been confirmed kidnapped by members of the Orion Syndicate.

LtCmdr. Antero Flynn, Lt. JG Arturo Maxwell and Ens. Zel Rohanwere all taken and are believed to be aboard a recently hijacked battleship. It is believed that the dreadnought – captured during the recent attack on the station by the now deceased criminal, Chennel – has travelled to a civilian dilithium mine believed to be under Syndicate control in the Dominicus system.

Speaking exclusively to FNS, retired Starfleet security officer Commander Ashelia B’Nargon revealed that the mine has been of interest to Starfleet for several years, “Even when the Syndicate was masquerading as the Jenatris Confederation we were watching its owners, although we were never able to prove criminal connections.”

Station staff has so far not released details of how the Starfleet officers were kidnapped.

The starbase was recently reassigned a new commanding officer, Capt. Storm Bomba, after Sal Taybrim was removed from command by Starfleet. Bomba launched a tactical operation to retrieve the kidnapped officers, launching the USS Columbia for the mission.

Tensions appear to be running high among starbase staff, who uncharacteristically gave anonymous interviews to FNS sniping at their new commanding officer, with one claiming the rescue mission was hampered by Bomba who is “difficult to work with and in over his head. He tried to destroy the dreadnought and ended up damaging the station.” FNS has confirmed that weapons were fired at the escaping vessel and that the station suffered light damage as a result.

Written by Theo Whittaker of SB118 Ops

Andaris Task Force faces murder, sickness, and a ship in peril

DEBIN VII — While assisting a plague-stricken mining colony, the Andaris Task Force has encountered a host of challenges.

Captain Akinor Zaekia and the USS Blackwell were assigned to Debin VII, a small mining outpost under a quarantine by the Freeworlds Navy due to an outbreak of an unknown plague. Attempts to break orbit by miners who claim to be unaffected by the plague and efforts to mine illegally were slowing efforts to find a cure. Meanwhile, the Navy was preparing to destroy the planetoid to contain the outbreak. The Freeworlds Navy ship was not responding to hails and its orbit was beginning to decay spelling certain doom for the colony below.

On the surface of Debin VII, Shayne and Ensign Anath G’Renn entered the mine where the infection was first reported and began looking for any source of answers regarding the plague. They found some remains and curiously, several beetles living in the walls of the mine. In the Starfleet research tent, LtCmdr Merrick R’Ven and Dr Graeme Cook were working on answering the important questions about the plague and its spread, discovering reports of a patient who had been frozen.

“I have a patient here who has contracted said disease and seems to have come off worse, with stronger, more violent reactions than others,” said Dr. Cook upon uncovering the records.

On the Caraadian Navy vessel, the team led by Cmdr Kael Thomas moved past several obstacles to gain access to Engineering, while the team heading to the Bridge faced different barriers. Both quickly discovered the plague had indeed spread to the ship and was the primary reason it was falling from the sky.

Elsewhere, on Deep Space 26 the mutilated body of a prominent Caraadian diplomat was found. Rear Admiral Renos assigned Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti, Ensign Sorel Kaidun, Lieutenant Isabel Pond, Lieutenant JG Jora Kalis along with FNS reporter Kendra Eberhart to investigate. With the victim violently murdered, the guards having seen nothing, and sensors unable to show how someone went in and out of the crime scene undetected, Nicholotti and her team had quite the mystery on their hands.

Veritas escapes the Maelstrom with a few new additions

SHOALS – While investigating the tetryon storm known as the Maelstrom, the USS Veritas discovered that natives of a pre-warp civilization have been spread across the Shoals.

As the Veritas crew continued to search for two of their lost members, Agent Evan Delano and Dr. Nikki Ryan, the two displaced crew members struggled to survive on this primitive M class planet, one which had developed life and technology roughly equivalent of that to 20th century Earth despite the intense radiation put out by the Maelstrom. While the planet’s life had adapted to this radiation, the two visitors from Veritas had not.

Commander Kelrod’s team, the specialized Search and Rescue team aboard the Veritas, launched a shuttle and cruised down toward the planet while the Veritas remained in orbit. They managed to locate the missing crew members. However, these crew members were not alone – the place that Delano and Ryan’s transporter beam had been diverted to was already inhabited by several of the planet’s natives, who had been fleeing an oppressive regime and had paid for passage aboard Kallo Ver’s ship with some of the planet’s rich Dilithium reserves.

Captain Rahman made the decision to beam both her missing crew as well as these natives aboard, reasoning that Ver had already interfered with the planet’s development, and that having these natives aboard and available to speak with would be the best way to track down Ver’s prior passengers and to help minimize the damage to the planet’s culture. Still, not all agree with the decision.

“The Prime Directive exists for a reason,” Alex Jacobs of the Proxima News Service was quoted as saying. “We can’t be picking up every stray life form that has it a little tough and piling them on our increasingly overcrowded colonies.”

The Veritas is now en route to Antor II, the capital of the Colonial Coalition in the Shoals, to continue her mission.

Athena called upon to aid in blocking rebel Gamma Quadrant group

DANUBAE SYSTEM — Due to damage inflicted upon the USS Athena, NCC-97780, by the Agragons when it first arrived in the Gamma Quadrant, the ship has been given access to the Danubae station for repairs and is currently in negotiations with the Dryary Confederation for continued access.

The Za Meets “Bears” In Space

HOCKTIN SYSTEM — Diplomatic efforts continue as the USS Za learns more about the new species they have encountered.

With excitement running high, the crew of the USS Za, NCC 65305, finds itself continuing its peaceful first contact mission with a new space-faring civilization from the planet Hocktin. Science Crewman 2nd Class Polarick Treslilik, who saw one of the Hocktins as they were roaming the decks to return to their ship the UHS Pathfinder, described them as “bears in space. How cool is that? And they even have fleas. Or something.”

USS Gorkon investigates scientific curiosity

EUTRA SYSTEM — The USS Gorkon is investigating the unexplored Leutra system, home to a powerful magnetar and an M-class planet that mysteriously survives in its orbit.

The crew of the Gorkon bade a fond farewell to the resort planet Risa as once again duty called, this time in the form of a mysterious power signature from an unexplored solar system.

Starfleet Captain and ambassadorial staff member taken hostage by terrorist

LUXIS SYSTEM – Fighting with the Til’ahn First Militia continues as the Embassy deals with protesters, kidnappers, and other agitators.

The Embassy on Duronis II found itself with a small but growing and agitated crowd of protesters outside of its gates squared off against a small group of Marines. One protester interviewed was quoted as saying he was “tired of Starfleet and the Federation using their planet as a piece in their galactic games.”

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