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Starbase 118 Operations crew vacation on Raskor I

RASKOR I — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops enjoyed shore leave after deposing a corrupt flag officer who had been spreading disinformation.

High profile wedding held at the Embassy of Duronis II

LUXIS SYSTEM — Guests came from all over the galaxy to participate in the wedding of Rear Admiral Toni Turner to Captain Tyr Waltas.

Holo-hijinks highlight Darwin shore leave

OUTPOST UNITY — With the crew pursuing various shore leave activities, they are all pulled back together to deal with Hallowe’en holograms threatening the crew.

Yarahla Nine released as USS Gorkon flies again

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Following public outcry, Starfleet Security has released the Yarahla Nine, the group of renegade Starfleet officers who stole a starship to rescue the USS Gorkon.

Za crew enjoys downtime during nebula mapping

UTU NEBULA — After high-stakes standoffs with the Klingons and the Deep, the Za crew received some rest and relaxation during routine exploration of a nebula.

USS Athena recovers from harrowing and disastrous mission

USS ATHENA — After destroying a potentially dangerous Yeltan temple, the crew of the USS Athena are taking a break from the chaos and recovering with a much needed shore leave.

USS Venture swept back in time to 2267, faces Doomsday Machine

KAVOS SECTOR — After falling through a quantum rift and ending up in the 23rd century, the USS Venture preserved history by saving a future Klingon Chancellor from an ancient planet killing machine.

Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot foiled by Duronis II Embassy crew

LUXIS SYSTEM — The Starfleet crew of the Embassy on Duronis II mobilized teams across the sector to end a sinister Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot.

Starfleet Commodore resigns after discovery of Orion Syndicate ties

RASKOR I, TRINITY SECTOR — Commodore Allan Kinney has resigned following the destruction of the USS Albion, following evidence that ties him to a known Orion Syndicate criminal.

USS Constitution foils Orion Syndicate drug operation

DRAGORIN VI — Members of the Orion Syndicate have been arrested after they were discovered to be using local tree sap for a drug operation.

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