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USS Thor investigates missing miners while USS Thunder rescues kidnapped Laudeans

DURONIS II — The Duronis II Embassy Task Force split up to tackle multiple critical incidents in the sector, including a rescue of kidnapped Laudeans.

StarBase 118 crew recognized for hostage rescue

STARBASE 118 — In the wake of the hostage crisis aboard the USS Narendra, Captain Taybrim’s crew receives accolades and well-earned shore leave.

Missing USS Blackwell away team found

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Blackwell returned to Deep Space 26 after rescuing a lost away team on an eventful survey mission.

Starfleet receives distress call from USS Gorkon, crew unresponsive

DEEP SPACE — While en route to its home base in the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon went off course and is not responding to communications.

USS Atlantis sent on rescue mission in the Jenatris Corridor

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis has been dispatched from Deep Space 26 to rescue stranded Korri vessels inside the Jenatris Corridor.

Starfleet Classified Report: USS Veritas returns to the present time – mission successful

CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 – The USS Veritas managed to return to the present after dealing with the Borg and Omega molecules in the past.

New species discovered by USS Constitution and Linarans

LEMBATTA CLUSTER, MARCHLANDS – A potential energy source has been discovered to be in fact a new lifeform.

USS Atlantis crew investigates Caraadian-Valkarian conflict and trains marine starfighters

PAR’THA EXPANSE – After enduring a second encounter with the robots from the Consortium, the crew of the USS Atlantis began a much-needed shore leave, recuperating from the previous mission and preparing for the challenges ahead.

Romulan involvement indicated in Par’tha Expanse mystery

P-409 SIGMA – While attempting to retrieve missing colleagues, the crew of the USS Blackwell made a series of startling discoveries, including uncovering the presence of a cloaked Romulan vessel.

USS Narendra returns to StarBase 118

STARBASE 118 — After successfully routing a terrorist plot, the USS Narendra made a triumphant homecoming to StarBase 118.

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