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Dangerous family affair leaves USS Thunder disabled

BRIAR PATCH, AVALON SECTOR — A feud between Captain Tyr Waltas and his son has left the USS Thunder-A disabled and undergoing major repairs near Ba’ku.

Cruise ship survivors and Starfleet rescuers infected by alien creatures

DEEP SPACE — Alien creatures have infected survivors of a derelict cruise liner and members of the USS Za crew that had rescued them.

Chaos on the streets of Palanon

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — The Orion Syndicate struck back at attempts to purge its presence, with multiple attacks in the streets of Palanon and in the capital city of Yarista.

USS Za rescues mysterious frozen cruise ship survivors

DEEP SPACE — The USS Za rescued survivors from a drifting derelict cruise liner.

Starfleet increases presence in Tyrellian system amid Syndicate rumors


A taskforce of vessels has arrived in the Tyrelian System led by the USS Gorkon in its first mission since returning from a disastrous sojourn to another quantum reality.

USS Athena encounters hostility in the Gamma Quadrant

GAMMA QUADRANT — The crew of the USS Athena wrapped up their shore leave and proceeded further into the Gamma Quadrant only to be met by a hostile alien species.

USS Constitution hosts family reunion on Starbase 11

STARBASE 11 — After an exhausting mission, the crew of the USS Constitution recovered from recent events and enjoyed time with their families on Starbase 11.

Invicta crew ordered to take a six month R&R leave

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The crew of the USS Invicta share one last goodbye as they depart the Cardiff class vessel after a year with the expedition.

Consortium subterfuge targets USS Darwin

DELTA QUADRANT, POUIYEOG REGION — The USS Darwin faced off against the Consortium vessel Vanquish in a showdown pitting Fleet Captain Renos against his arch-nemesis Raikenoff.

Starbase 118 Operations crew vacation on Raskor I

RASKOR I — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops enjoyed shore leave after deposing a corrupt flag officer who had been spreading disinformation.

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