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Hijacked Starfleet prototype starship destroyed, Starfleet officer arrested for treason

MARCHLANDS – A hijacked Starfleet prototype vessel has been destroyed to keep it out of pirates’ hands.

USS Atlantis hosts captain’s promotion party

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Brell, the commanding officer of the USS Atlantis, was promoted to the rank of captain, with guests from across the fleet in attendance at his ceremony.

Starfleet vessel hijacked by Romulan Ocala separatists

STARBASE 118 – Ocala separatists have hijacked the USS Narendra, and the senior staff of StarBase 118 has been rushed to intervene.

USS Veritas investigates lost ships in the Shadows

THE SHADOWS – The USS Veritas has moved into this infamous area of space, known for its navigational difficulties, to investigate for ships that have disappeared in this region.

Romulan Republic colony asks for Starfleet’s assistance amid controversy

SIKUNA SYSTEM – In the midst of protests and a plague, the governor of a Romulan Republic colony has invited Starfleet to investigate trouble at a research center.

Starbase 118 Celebrates New Life and New Officers

STARBASE 118 – In the wake of the Devidian incident, the Starbase 118 Operations crew settled back to throw a baby shower, meet with family, and welcome new officers.

History Awakens as the USS Blackwell Brokers Peace

ARNDALL – As the crew of the USS Blackwell work with the leaders of local Par’tha Expanse governments in towards peace, the ground beneath Arndall shakes as an ancient horror returns.

Starfleet officer receives cutting-edge cybernetic prosthetic

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM – A seriously injured Starfleet engineer assists in the creation of her own cutting-edge prosthetic limb.

27 killed and dozens injured aboard USS Atlantis during robotic attack

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis suffered heavy losses in lives and material after a strange encounter with unknown alien robots.

Bloodwine and gagh do not a Klingon make

MARCHLANDS – Undercover and disguised as Klingons and mercenaries, the crew of the USS Constitution infiltrated a stolen Starfleet starship in hopes of recovering the vessel from pirates.

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