Crew of the ‘Oumuamua Unwinds at Bajor and DS9

Crew of the ‘Oumuamua Unwinds at Bajor and DS9

DEEP SPACE 9 — Eyewitnesses report recently returned crew from the Gamma Quadrant experience highs and lows while on shore leave.

After a mission in which the ‘Oumuamua discovered a long lost society of possible Bajoran pilgrims in the Gamma Quadrant, the ship has returned to Deep Space 9 for repairs. Members of the crew have been spotted both hard at work with repairs and hard at play. This shore leave has seen the return of Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves along with a handful of new transfers in the support crew. Repairs to the ship appeared to be proceeding well until an incident in which the mission pod sustained damage. At this time there is no official word on the cause, however, we were able to ask one of the crew, one Lieutenant Junior Grade Josh Herrick, about the incident, “With fires a blazing, it was clear we needed to detach the pods before we lost the Oumuamua. A shoutout to Warrant Officer Sherlock’s for her brave assistance, and the ingenuity of Ensign Nilsen, Lieutenant Arlill and Commander Rouincet. We may have given the ship a bad haircut, but it sounds like she’ll be getting quite the makeover back at the yards.”

Various members of the senior staff were spotted at Quark’s, the infamous watering hole of Deep Space 9, while others were spotted attending the Gratitude Festival on Bajor. One group of officers purportedly even got into a bit of a scrap at Quark’s. An Ensign Yinn said of the incident, “It was just a small misunderstanding. Our human friend won at Dabo, and a Klingon got angry and accused her of cheating. Lt. Arlill stepped in between them to defuse the situation, and got a knife to the hand for his trouble. But nothing a dermal regenerator couldn’t fix. I hope that Klingon didn’t lose too much money, he seemed like he was having a rough night.”

Whispers abound about a secret organization of Junior Officers. Security is looking into an incident in which the First Officer, Etan Iljor, was kidnapped and held against his will on the holodeck.

Fallout from their prior mission continues, one Ensign Lhandon Nilsen is reported as still recovering after contact with non-corporeal beings on Alpha Brenkelvi II. Meanwhile, Commander Etan and Lieutenant Commander Katsim Peri are currently missing while attempting to return an orb found in the Gamma Quadrant to Bajor. Search efforts are underway. Meanwhile, Commodore V’Airu and Commander Rouiancet presented awards and promotions to the crew. Promotions include Avandar Promontory to Lieutenant Commander, Aine Sherlock to Lieutenant Commander, Toxin Arlill to Lieutenant, Arturo Maxwell to 1st Lieutenant, and Lhandon Nilsen to Lieutenant Junior Grade. With the damage and continued issues with the USS ‘Oumuamua, it is reported the crew will transfer to the recently launched USS Octavia E. Butler, a Sagan Class vessel.

Written by Aine Sherlock

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