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USS Veritas arrives at Esperance for relaxation and celebrations

ESPERANCE, THE SHOALS – The Veritas, arriving at Esperance Star Station for repairs and resupply, celebrates a wedding.

USS Thor returns home to questions about its mission

DURONIS II — The arrival of Starfleet Intelligence investigators at the UFP Embassy on Duronis II is raising questions about the crew, and recent mission, of the USS Thor after they returned with ancient relics.

Par’tha Cold War Threatens to Bring the Heat

ARNDALL – Cold war between Valcarian and Caraadian empires grows ever warmer with new disputes over strategic shipyards.

Temporal Trouble Proves Costly

STARBASE 118 – A temporal anomaly leaves an officer stranded in the past after an attempt to prevent temporal war.

USS Atlantis attacked by spider automatons

PAR’THA EXPANSE – A frightening boarding party has put the Atlantis and her crew in serious dangerous.

Klingon-Federation relations at risk in pirating fiasco

MARCHLANDS – The USS Constitution crew must retrieve a pirated Starfleet testbed starship while trying to avoid a diplomatic incident.

USS Gorkon rescues population of Starbase 173

SECTOR 23 — After battling against the Orion Syndicate, hostile lifeforms, and subspace rifts, the USS Gorkon successfully rescues the crew and civilians aboard Starbase 173

USS Veritas rescues USS Astraeus and captures pirate king

THE SHOALS — A wanted pirate king was taken prisoner by the USS Veritas after successfully rescuing a stranded Galaxy class starship.

Andaris Task Force Senior Staff Face Unexpected Challenges While Traversing Team Building Exercise

USS BLACKWELL – In the wake of the retirement of Rear Admiral Renos and Captain Zaekia, the crew of the Andaris Task Force is united through a team building exercise with unexpected outcomes.

Temporal Anomalies Reveal Ravenous Devidians

STARBASE 118 – In the wake of strange temporal anomalies, the crew of Starbase 118 finds itself trying to defend their timeline in both the past and the present.

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