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USS Apollo investigates disappearance of Admiral Renos

POUIYEOG REGION — The disappearance of the USS Apollo-A’s commanding officer Rear Admiral Renos was met with shock and grave concern by the senior crew of the vessel.

Seventh generation officer takes center stage as new XO for StarBase 118 Ops

TRINITY SECTOR — After a grueling Targ hunt, the StarBase 118 Ops crew had no hang-ups of delving head first into shore leave and getting to know the wave of new officers and their new XO.

USS Gorkon celebrates with Tyrellians and Bajorans during Ha’mara and the Festival of Stars on Palanon

YARISTIA, PALANON — The USS Gorkon returns to the Tyrellian Sector and resumes standard operations, culminating in a celebration on Palanon for seasonal festivals.

USS Montreal recovers after attack near Tholian border

THE SHOALS — Commander Mei’konda assumed command of the USS Montreal last month after the ship arrived early at the agreed rendezvous point where the USS Veritas was waiting.

USS Eagle encounters new species during relaunch

AAVARO WILDS – USS Eagle, under the fresh command of Commander Oddas Aria, has been dispatched into the unchartered Aavaro Wilds as the Cardassian Government retire from the area, encountering a new species and establishing first contact.

USS Atlantis takes some time off at Starbase 26 and has a change in personnel

PAR’THA EXPANSE – With the USS Atlantis having returned to Deep Space 26 after saving several Korri traders, Starfleet Command has seized the moment to replace several of her long-lasting officers.

USS Thor sent to study a newly discovered species of humanoid

DURONIS II — Two away teams from the USS Thor have been tasked with setting up a duck blind to study a newly discovered sentient species called “Egrot”.

USS Artemis abandoned, found adrift in Tholian space

THE SHOALS — The crew of the USS Veritas has successfully located the USS Artemis on the Tholian side of the border near the Shoals.

StarBase 118 Ops returns from targ hunt on Tumar II and celebrates

STARBASE 118 — Returning from a targ hunt on Tumar II and the timely rescue of Lieutenant Commander Taelon, the crew of StarBase 118 relax and unwind at home.

USS Apollo sees off Hierarchy threat after ambush in Delta Quadrant

POUIYEOG REGION — The Hierarchy was forced to retreat after a battle on two fronts between Outpost Unity and New Talax.

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