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The USS Blackwell goes medieval

USS BLACKWELL — The USS Blackwell starts a crew-bonding exercise after a change in command staff.

Caraadians, Valcarians forces clash on Devron

DEVRON, PAR’THA EXPANSE – Clashing forces threaten to destabilize the balance of power in the region, putting myriad civilians and Starfleet officers at risk.

Contact lost with Starbase 173

STARBASE 173 – The crew of the USS Gorkon will investigate the total loss of communications from Starbase 173.

USS Veritas continues modified shuttle trials

THE SHOALS – The crew of the USS Veritas continues their research into how to allow Starfleet shuttles to perform better in the region.

StarBase 118 Ops celebrates Theo Whittaker’s command opportunity

STARBASE 118 — Celebrations follow the announcement of Commander Theo Whittaker taking command of the USS Blackwell.

USS Thor heads to Kjenta II, last known location of the NX-02 Columbia

KJENTA II – The crew of the USS Thor has headed to the last known location of the first USS Columbia, lost over 220 years ago, with orders to investigate before the planet becomes uninhabitable.

Holodeck upgrades create chaos on the USS Constitution

THE MARCHLANDS – A malfunctioning holodeck upgrade has caused continued systemwide computer issues on the USS Constitution.

Andaris Task Force investigates Consortium conspiracy

BURELLION – Information obtained by members of the Andaris Task Force presents a link between Taventa Robotics and the Consortium, pointing to hostile collusion that puts Starfleet ships and personnel at risk.

Adrift prospector vessel discovered in the Shoals

THE SHOALS – The crew of the Federation starship Veritas has discovered an old prospector vessel adrift.

USS Constitution experiences technical difficulties with computer upgrade

STARBASE 104 — The USS Constitution registers a strange series of malfunctions while docked during shore leave.

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