Crew of the USS Gorkon expands

Crew of the USS Gorkon expands

ANDORIA — While Andorian scientists investigate why the temperature on Andoria is rising, the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) enjoy their much needed shore leave.

With new crew coming onboard and others transferring to other places and quadrants, part of the command staff of the Gorkon also took the time for some adrenaline adventure as they rushed over frozen lakes in the Tharan Mountains of the Akalath region on their flashy bikes.

For the security/tactical department, however, it wasn’t all play, as the chief of the department had organized a training exercise in one of the most famous training facilities on the moon. Not only did it involve volunteers from the ship itself, several Andorians attached to the site also played their roles. The ensigns involved, whether they succeeded in their task or not, went for a drink in one of the many typical Andorian taverns afterwards.

Of course, the adventures happening during shore leave also kept the medical department busy. Ear problems, sprained ankles, medical check-ups, it was all happening. Luckily, the medical crew received an extra pair of hands with the return of Ens. Bryce Tagren-Quinn.

Others of the crew enjoyed their free time to experience life as cattle rangers back in Texas, Earth during a holodeck adventure taking place on the ship itself. Hopefully, the interventions some of the engineers performed on the ship won’t crash the program.

For those visiting the different locations on Andoria itself, it was a treat for their eyes as some friends visited the ice gardens in the Laibok Capital. While another duo looked to expand the amount of pets on the ship as they visited an animal shop searching for new furry friends.

Here at the FNS we have not received news of any chaos or explosions happening on the surface of Andoria, but as long as the crew of the Gorkon is around, you never know.

Written by Samira Neathler

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