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Explosion threatens diplomatic conference aboard USS Gorkon

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — A possible terrorist attack has halted a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Gorkon.

USS Gorkon hosts diplomatic conference

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — Following the discovery of counterfeit currency being smuggled into the Tyrellian System by the Orion Syndicate, the Federation called a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Gorkon for all the affected parties to discuss the implications.

Crew parties like it’s 2299… degrees below zero

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — After its first mission in the Tyrellian Sector, the crew of the USS Gorkon found time to let their hair down at a popular ski resort.

Chaos on the streets of Palanon

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — The Orion Syndicate struck back at attempts to purge its presence, with multiple attacks in the streets of Palanon and in the capital city of Yarista.

Starfleet increases presence in Tyrellian system amid Syndicate rumors


A taskforce of vessels has arrived in the Tyrelian System led by the USS Gorkon in its first mission since returning from a disastrous sojourn to another quantum reality.

Yarahla Nine released as USS Gorkon flies again

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Following public outcry, Starfleet Security has released the Yarahla Nine, the group of renegade Starfleet officers who stole a starship to rescue the USS Gorkon.

Gorkon rescuers jailed, public outraged

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Protests around the Federation have begun in show of support for the rescuers of the crew of the USS Gorkon.

BREAKING NEWS: Missing USS Gorkon located and rescued

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The Federation starship USS Gorkon, missing and declared lost earlier this year, was located and rescued by renegade crew aboard the stolen USS Yarahala.

Stolen starship continues to evade capture

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — A renegade crew aboard the USS Yarahla is still eluding efforts to recover the stolen starship.

Starfleet vessel stolen in renegade plot to find USS Gorkon

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The USS Yarahla has been stolen by a crew of Starfleet officers determined to continue the search for the missing USS Gorkon.

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