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Disaster strikes USS Njörðr en route to New Horizons Conference

UNKNOWN NEBULA — The USS Njörðr has run aground within an unchartered nebula en route to Starfleet’s New Horizons Conference.

Technological triumph engineered to host a party on USS Gorkon outer hull

YARISTIA, PALANON — Following a stressful trip from Trill to the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon celebrated in outstanding fashion with a formal ceremony of extraordinary proportions.

USS Gorkon celebrates with Tyrellians and Bajorans during Ha’mara and the Festival of Stars on Palanon

YARISTIA, PALANON — The USS Gorkon returns to the Tyrellian Sector and resumes standard operations, culminating in a celebration on Palanon for seasonal festivals.

Hijackers flee after Gorkon crew escape from “Maquis” dream reality

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — Following the mass awakening of the USS Gorkon crew from a dreamlike induced state, hijackers escaped on an unknown vessel, and a Starfleet rescue operation was called off.

Crew of USS Gorkon trapped in dreamweb of Maquis reality

DEEP SPACE — With a rescue vessel en route, several members of the USS Gorkon work to free their colleagues from a forced dream state.

Starfleet dispatches rescue vessel to aid USS Gorkon

DEEP SPACE — Still unresponsive to all attempts at communication, the USS Gorkon is now the subject of a Starfleet rescue mission.

Starfleet receives distress call from USS Gorkon, crew unresponsive

DEEP SPACE — While en route to its home base in the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon went off course and is not responding to communications.

Trill welcomes the USS Gorkon

TRILLIUS SYSTEM – On a well-deserved break, the crew of the USS Gorkon explores the culture and natural beauty of Trill.

USS Gorkon battles Andorian pirates

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While engaged in a diplomatic and medical relief mission, the USS Gorkon battled Andorian pirates to stop the theft of an experimental Romulan warbird.

Hidden experimental starship discovered beneath Romulan city

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While examining a research station on the Romulan Republic planet of Sikuna, a team from the USS Gorkon discovered a Valdore-class Romulan Warbird buried beneath the facility.

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