Resistance rises in Cardassian-occupied colony Witherington

Resistance rises in Cardassian-occupied colony Witherington

INDRE III — With Cardassians occupying Witherington on Indre III, Papa Bear has dispatched his crew to support the locals and the underground resistance to subvert the oppressor and restore peace.

The crew of the Skarbek (veterans and new recruits) switched their working territory from the Condor Class vessel to the streets of Witherington. Papa Bear placed each team in strategic areas throughout the colony, with the order to perform their specific task with no Cardassian fatalities, to avoid retaliations from the tyrants.

Under the constant pouring rain (because of a faulty weather system) each team tried their best to stay under the radar and to remain undetected.

Shades arrived with her team to the Maingard District where they would make an attempt to hack the power grid system to locate the buildings and infrastructure most used by the Cardassians.

Captain Brunsig, the fore-mentioned Papa Bear, ordered Blondie, Doodle and Croaker to gather as much medical supplies and equipment as they could, likewise with weapons and ammunition. This way, they could not only help the colony and any future resistance but also restock their own meagre supplies on the Skarbek itself.

Lark, previously known as Greenhorn, and her group, set out to identify the existing resistance, search for new recruits, distribute propaganda and strengthen their numbers, all while safeguarding the locals and providing them medical care, food and shelter.

The last squad, led by Fingers, immediately began their task, namely to gather as much information about the Cardassians whereabouts, their numbers and defences. Their biggest concern would be to stay undetected and under the oppressors’ radar.

“If someone can pull it off, it’ll be them,” said Mira, a young colonist, when asked if the small Skarbek crew would succeed in their task. “Have you seen their acrobat in action? She’s like a cat, difficult to spot. One moment she’s here and the next, she’s on the top of a building, flying from one roof to the other. She might even be listening to our conversation without us knowing it.”

Written by Samira Neathler

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