Missing tourists returned to the Alpha Quadrant

Missing tourists returned to the Alpha Quadrant

SARGASSO V — Searching for a missing tourist shuttle in the Gamma Quadrant, the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) encountered splinter groups of the cult Eye of Infinity, and local scavengers setting up their own life on Sargasso V.

Discovering what had caused the instabilities in the Bajoran wormhole, the team of LtCmdr. Neathler helped the silicon based being they had discovered to search for its missing mother ship. The investigation also led them to the surface of Sargasso V. Having determined the possible location of the crashed ship, the team encountered a group of scavengers who had an interest in looting the mother ship. After some persuasion, the scavengers helped to drop parts of crashed shuttles near the mother ship, so the aliens could salvage those parts to fix the ship.

After freeing the Cantus and a few other prisoners from the cult’s prison, the Cult leader accepted the help from LtCmdr. Tahna Meru’s group to overthrow the usurper. Showing her guards her signet ring, the guards, except for one who ran away as quickly as he could, turned against the fake Cantus, and arrested her.

“Me? The Cantus’ assistant? I have bigger dreams than that, mister reporter. I had my eyes on her signet ring, but she was guarding it too closely,” said Dawi, one of the rescued prisoners. “No, no, no, I don’t need much, a small set of quarters, some food now and then. Surely, there’s a job in Starfleet that gives me that in return for little work?”

Once the team of Cmdr. Marshall reached the control center of the cult, it didn’t take the group long to deduce they had also found the location of the shield that was responsible for crashing shuttles and other space vessels on the planet’s surface. With the agreement of the Scourge, the inventive engineer in the team shut down the shield, which also made it possible for the Gorkon’s shuttles to leave the planet and to return safely to the Gorkon.

After discovering the debris of the missing tourist shuttle, the team led by VAdml. Reynolds had help from a local scavenger named Rix, who knew a nearby splinter cult camp held the tourists captive. Setting up their shuttle on a fake crash course, they used the vessel as a distraction to enter the camp and locate the tourists. Some phaser firing later and with minimum casualties in the Starfleet team, the group retreated safely to their shuttle and set things in motion to free other people who had been trapped on the planet for years.

Written by Samira Neathler

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