Witherington colonists take up arms against oppressors

Witherington colonists take up arms against oppressors

INDRE III — While the Skarbek crew continues to cause chaos in the occupied Witherington colony, the citizens are gradually realizing that the lightning behind the clouds is not what it appears to be.

After the unsettling news of unwarranted executions, there are finally signs of hope for Witherington as the actions of the Skarbek troops become visible to the inhabitants themselves, spreading across several districts of the colony. Several explosions throughout the colony serve as proof, as reported by the colonists themselves from various areas.

The following statement came from a witness in the Maingard District, who observed everything through the darkened window in his attic.

“You should have seen it. This ground vehicle came out of nowhere, with no pilot or passenger, yet it caused havoc in the spaceport, shooting at random targets until it exploded at the end of the spaceport.”

The brave man continued, “Next, all Hideki vessels took flight, following their leader. It wasn’t until the group of vessels reached the Cardassian fleet that the Hideki leader turned against his own ships. What followed was more lightning and explosions. Can you believe it? One ship taking down most of the fleet.”

Several witnesses also heard phaser firing and witnessed detonations in the Lares District near Witherington’s Museum.

“They have already stolen most of our precious paintings and sculptures, and now they have to ruin the museum itself?” Professor Beeld exclaimed, “It will take decades to rebuild our collections and exhibits.”

Debris in the Borrel district was the only remaining evidence of a fight between a dwarf vehicle and a giant machine altered by the Cardassians.

“I’ve never seen such a monstrosity in my whole life. But it was no match for those brave souls who attacked the beast.” Citizen Bakker continued, “Shortly afterwards, we received a broadcasted message of hope and a call to action, and for some of us, it was the bit of incentive we needed to take back our homes, our land, and our lives.”

The message of hope, originating somewhere near the Niu Hotel, was also intercepted by our own services. If the Witherington colonists, together with the resistance, succeed, a time of healing and rebuilding will follow.

Written by Samira Neathler

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