Bajor and Deep Space Nine frequently visited by the Gorkon crew

Bajor and Deep Space Nine frequently visited by the Gorkon crew

BAJOR — After their most recent unexpected dreamscape, the Gorkon crew enjoyed their free time by partaking in various activities on Bajor, Deep Space Nine, and the ship itself.

While new crew members boarded the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and acquainted themselves with each other and the ship, Cmdr. Jo Marshall, LtCmdr. Caedan Nkai, and Lt. Piravao sh’Qynallahr visited the Andorian Ice Sculpting Festival, currently taking place on Bajor’s most famous space station. Ens. Vylaa zh’Tisav later joined the group. With different species entering the carving contest, the sculptures created from real Andorian ice were a treat for the eye.

The sculptures ranged from abstract art to statues depicting fauna, flora, or scenery originating from the sculptors’ home. The contenders also had to compete against well-known Andorian artists like Sallia and Jhana, who both created exquisite artwork, while the inexperienced carvers produced only a puddle of melting ice.

“What a waste of a perfect block of ice,” complained one of the organizers, sh’Orvale. “Don’t those people know the effort it took to get that ice here? We should have held the contest on Andoria itself.”

Other crew members visited Bajor’s Nature Preserve in the Hedrikspool Province, while some went for a hike in the mountains near Relliketh. One of these events turned into a rescue mission. A group of tourists, discovered to be a team of Starfleet officers, saved a little girl who had run away during the night. The girl’s parents could not identify the rescuers.

The rescuers left the planet without revealing their identities. “They never mentioned their names. All I know is they found Aisla, who had fallen ill in a hidden cave somewhere,” recalled the father of the girl. “We thanked them, but my wife was so worried about Aisla that we forgot to invite them for a home-cooked dinner. We can hardly invite all the tourists in the hope they’re among them; we’d run out of hasperat for ourselves.”

Our reporters also spotted some of the Gorkon crew members on the power track near Adarak and its famous market. Meanwhile, our inside source on the Gorkon reported that some folks stayed on the ship, going for a holodeck adventure by re-enacting the battle of the USS Atlanta in 1942 in the South Pacific, Earth.

Written by Samira Neathler

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