USS Artemis-A missing with all hands following awards ceremony

USS Artemis-A missing with all hands following awards ceremony

OXEANIA, BETAZED – The joyous atmosphere at The Fifth Chalice, a popular pub in the Market District of Oxeania, took a bewildering turn as the Senior Staff of the USS Artemis-A vanished without a trace during a low-key celebration.

The crew had gathered to bid farewell to their shore leave on Betazed and to hand out awards and promotions following their recent mission.

Among those promoted were Lt. Jovenan and LtJG. Gila Sadar. “A-Absolutely not… That is, uh… I mean, there’s many excellent officers on this vessel far senior to me that I now outrank!” Said LtJG. Sadar nervously when asked if she had expected the promotion: “T-To speak plainly, it’s, uhh, well, we could call it culture shock, I suppose…”

However, the celebratory mood took an unexpected and ominous turn when a mysterious figure materialized, causing confusion among the revelers. In an instant, the Artemis’ crew, including Capt. Addison MacKenzie, vanished with a snap of the mysterious figure’s fingers.

As authorities scramble to identify the enigmatic entity behind the disappearances, one prevailing theory has emerged—the involvement of CloQ.

CloQ, a time-obsessed member of the Q Continuum, has a history of tormenting Captain MacKenzie and some of the Excalibur alumni in her staff. Known for unpredictable interventions and a penchant for toying with the fabric of time, CloQ has been a recurring challenge for MacKenzie and her crew.

The fate of the Artemis and her crew remains unclear as neighboring vessels go on high alert for any unusual temporal disturbances or distress signals.

Written by Talos Dakora

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