Realities collide: USS Artemis fends off assault from alternate universe counterparts

Realities collide: USS Artemis fends off assault from alternate universe counterparts

THE BORDERLANDS – In a startling turn of events, the USS Artemis-A (NCC-81287) found itself under siege as its alternate universe counterparts from the CIC Desdemona launched a surprise assault, leading to a tense confrontation between the two crews.

Following the initial encounter with the Desdemona (a ship crewed by alternate versions of themselves from a war-torn reality) the Artemis crew worked tirelessly to devise a plan to return the Desdemona to their original universe. However, tensions escalated rapidly as Capt. Addison MacKenzie adamantly refused to share the advanced weapons and shield technology of the Artemis, exacerbating the already delicate situation.

The crisis reached its zenith when a covert message from the doppelgänger of Lt. JG Jovenan reached the Artemis crew, forewarning of an imminent threat to their ship. Regrettably, the ominous communication arrived too late, as the Desdemona crew successfully infiltrated the Artemis, leveraging their identical appearances to sow chaos and acquire weaponry.

Firefights erupted throughout the ship as the Artemis’ crew struggled to repel the invaders. In a shocking turn of events, the bridge of the Artemis fell briefly under the control of Captain Viktor Oliveira of the Desdemona. Ultimately, the Artemis crew managed to repel the invasion, capturing or driving away all of the Desdemona attackers, but not without sustaining losses on both sides.

Left to pick up the pieces after the incursion, the Senior Staff grappled with what they could’ve done to prevent it. “We were being both compassionate and within the regulations, as we should have been. Me and my fellow scientists spent many sleepless nights to find a way to send them back to their homes,” said Assistant Science Chief Lt JG. Jovenan. “Now I wish I could have spent that time with my sister – erh, counterpart. Even after she tried to warn us, I thought she was the one betraying us. And now she’s – I – I’m sorry, I can’t do this after all.”

As the USS Artemis-A deals with the aftermath of this unprecedented attack, they prepare to enact a plan that will send the Desdemona and her remaining crew back to their own universe.

Written by Talos Dakora

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