Denali Invitational comes to an exciting end

Denali Invitational comes to an exciting end

DENALI STATION — The inaugural Denali Invitational comes to an finished with exciting action on and off track.

Plot Summary: With the racers in the Invitational rushing toward the finish line, the crew of Denali station were moved equally fast dealing with the myriad of issues that had sprung up.
The team at the crashed Orion racing ship continued with their attempts to prevent the warp core from exploding. During these efforts, led by Lieutenant Kettick, they discovered evidence of sabotage, and the murder of at least one of the crew members. Concerned by these developments, and the proximity of the shuttle to one of Denali’s recently installed torpedo defense installations, Lieutenant Commander Falt led a team to the installation, where Marine Warrant Officer Kingsley, and Lieutenant JG Forsyth discovered more evidence of foul play.

Now convinced saboteurs where operating on Denali Lieutenant Commander Falt asked Lieutenant JG Forsyth to take a team and try and track them down. Her investigation took her to as yet uninhabited residential towers at the edge, where she discovered a small base of previously unencountered mercenaries. Before the team could engage them or investigate further they received orders to take cover as the team at the shuttle were going to have to attempt a controlled explosion of the warp core to prevent an even more catastrophic breach. Moments later a shock wave swept the area, killing or scattering the mercenaries. The teams at the installation and crashed ship were only able to survive due to quickly installed temporary shielding that deflected the worst of the blast.

Fortunately, the blast was not large enough to affect the team investigating potential sabotage at the Tech Expo. Their investigations had taken them to a secret shuttle bay in the docks area of the city. Inside they found more Orion’s, along with Kalinda – one of whom they were able to subdue. The team were ultimately unable to prevent the saboteurs escaping in a shuttle, but not before they had been able to infiltrate it and obtain some information.

Away from the saboteurs, investigations continued into the addictive substance being added to some of the food for sale, along with the mastermind behind this plan, a mysterious ‘Mr. Fox.’ After handing their informant over to security, Ensign Vahin accessed security footage of the ship associated with the vendor, revealing three suspicious non Ferengi, including two Orion’s in strange armour. Assuming one of them is Mr Fox they decided to attempt to lure him into the open, using a communications device taken from their informant. Lieutenant JG Freck uses the device to request an audience to ‘renegotiate’ contract terms, which is agreed to.

At the appointed time for the meeting the team hide in an alley, except for Freck. Mr Fox arrived as hoped, but when Freck challenged him he produced a vial containing a more potent version of the substance, and revealed drones loaded with it for distribution around the area. Before he could carry out his plan Commander DeVeau and her team opened fire. In the firefight that followed Freck was briefly taken hostage, but managed to escape, and Mr Fox was subdued. The newly arrived Ensign Xiron then reconfigured the drones to deploy an antitoxin, ending the threat.

As the off-track action ended the focus of everyone on Denali returned to the race itself, which came to an exciting end. A thrilling tussle between the Foxy Lady and GOTT speed ultimately ended with the GOTT speed crossing the finishing line first, winning them the inaugural Denali Invitational as the crowd in the Akycha stadium went wild.

With the conclusion of the Invitational the crew boarded the USS Eagle and made their way to Deep Space 9, where they had been invited to attend the opening of the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, in celebration of them returning the Orb of Renewal to Bajor at the end of their previous mission. In front of a captive audience of Bajoran religious figures and dignitaries Fleet Captain Oddas took the opportunity to recognise the crew, awarding ribbons earned during the Invitational, along with a much-deserved promotion to Lieutenant JG for Mister Vahin.

Just as the ceremony was drawing to a close the group was surprised by the unexpected interjection of Ijo Teevin, a father to figure to Fleet Captain Oddas. In front of the assembled crowd he fondly recalled childhood memories of the Captain, before celebrating her career to date, and then – to the surprise of all in attendance – promoting her to the rank of Commodore on behalf of Starfleet, in recognition of her dedication to her crew and the fleet over the last five years. With the promotion bringing the ceremony to a fitting end the crew dispersed, keen to start the hard-earned shore leave.

Written by Tomas Falt

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