Embassy plot summary for July

Following the capture of the Laudean criminal Bolivia Gaev, his Romulan Scout Ship has been commandeered to facilitate an infiltration attempt. Gaev’s scheduled meeting with his Orion contact, Harromad, is

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Embassy plot summary for May

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy began to settle into their new home during shore leave. Curiosities were shared by both Starfleet officers and Laudeans, as each sought to

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Embassy plot summary for April

When the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 was hijacked, seemingly by Ensign Saveron and 2nd Lt. Isaac Green, the crew was faced with the dilemma of retaking control of the ship. Hell-bent

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Embassy plot summary for March

With the USS Thunder NCC-70605 in orbit around Duronis II, The senior staff beamed down to the planet to have their first glimpse of their new home – the former

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Monthly Ship Summary: Embassy

Having finished a shore leave picnic in Govinda Province with friends and family, the Embassy Tilhon senior staff returned to work to work the next morning to be confronted with

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