Embassy plot summary for March

Embassy plot summary for March

With the USS Thunder NCC-70605 in orbit around Duronis II, The senior staff beamed down to the planet to have their first glimpse of their new home – the former Romulan Embassy. After everyone had taken up quarters, work began on setting up Science Labs, Sickbay and other specialized departments.
First Officer Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul took a special interest in helping Lieutenant Anora Manar, Historian and Archaelogical Specialist, with a Bajoran artifact exhibit, particulary an ancient tablet with unknown words etched upon it. Also taking an interest was the Vulcan Medical Doctor, Ensign Saveron. A day later Anora and Tallis began to have dreams of a battle on DS9 that they had to prevent. It unnerved them, but the dreams were quickly forgotten when word came from Starfleet that Breen ships had been seen in the Duronis system. Tallis was ordered to take the USS Thunder to investigate, leaving Captain Toni Turner on the planet to help with diplomatic meetings with the Laudeans.
The Thunder had just passed the sandbar when Dr. Saveron forcibly enlisted the help of 2nd Lt. Isaac Green, via mind meld, to take over the ship. Barricaded on the battle bridge, they now hold the crew at bay as the Thunder travels at warp speed toward DS9. Tallis and Anora are convinced that they are heading into the battle their dreams depicted, and are doing everything possible to regain control of the ship.

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