Embassy plot summary for July

Embassy plot summary for July

Following the capture of the Laudean criminal Bolivia Gaev, his Romulan Scout Ship has been commandeered to facilitate an infiltration attempt. Gaev’s scheduled meeting with his Orion contact, Harromad, is being met by an undercover crew. The majority of the crew of the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 have been modified to pass as Laudeans, one having been altered to resemble Bolivia Gaev himself.
Intelligence indicates that Harromad has ties with the Scarlet Brotherhood, who may try to sabotage the Bajoran-Federation talks. The Brotherhood requested a strong Fielder from Harromad, hence Vail Daysa’s capture, but the reason remains unclear. The prevention of any interference in the talks is paramount, leading to the attempt to infiltrate the criminal organisation and gain access to the Brotherhood.
Due to the high-stress situation several of the crew are showing signs of fatigue and other forms of compromise, most notably Lt (j.g.)Ashley Yael of severe illness which has just been brought to Commander Tallis Rhul and Captain Toni Turner’s attention. Doctor Saveron was previously aware of his condition and his failure to stand Counsellor Yael down from duties and prevent him from boarding the undercover vessel has caused his professional judgement to be called into question. Captain Turner and Commander Tallis are currently on damage control prior to the ship’s arrival at the Tagra system, the situation not helped by Lieutenant Jaxon McGhee’s near insubordination, apparently due to exhaustion.
The nature of this mission means that once they contact Harromad, the crew cannot afford to make mistakes.
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