Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for September

The crew of the USS Thunder completed its mission related to the threats against the talks for Bajor to be admitted into the Federation. Bolivia Gaev had been arrested, and the crew would transport him back to Duronis II for Laudean prosecution.

Spending a couple of days on Deep Space Nine, the Thunder crew enjoyed a much needed rest. During that time, the crew witnessed the approval by the Federation for the induction of Bajor into the Federation. It was a time for celebration, and the crew took that opportunity, since they would be back on Duronis II when the official ceremony would be held on Deep Space Nine.

The Laudean election process had begun on Duronis II, and Prime Minister, Ahishma Chandra, anxiously awaited the return of her Chief of Staff, Vail Daysa, whose son had been born while on the Thunder. Chandra too looked forward to the birth of her first child, who she hoped would give her an advantage during the elections and beyond.

Once the Embassy/Thunder arrived on Duronis II, preparations were made to receive the crew of the USS Ronin who would visit the planet during their shore leave. It was an exciting time for many of the crew members who would see old friends and make new ones. It was also a chance for the Embassy crew to say a proper goodbye to their former first officer, Commander Tallis Rhul, who had been transferred so quickly at the end of their last mission.

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