Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for June

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for June

During a long shore leave, the staff of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II spent their leisure time exploring Lokesh City, meeting the Laudeans, and taking advantage of the wares at the Marketplace. However, in the background, a sinister element of drugs, prostitution and gambling were at work.
First Lt. Hella, working with the Laudean Chief of Staff Vail Daysa, embarked on a covert mission to find out who was behind all the vices, but soon found it was a cover for Slave traders. Setting up a sting to catch crime kingpin, Bolivia
Gaev, and free 32 women, they brought in the aid of the Embassy staff. They were successful in extracting the women, but Gaev avoided capture, and subsequently kidnapped Hella and Daysa, taking them to his commandeered Romulan Scout. Gaev fled the planet through the Sandbar, an anomaly that only Laudeans can navigate.
Captain Toni Turner and the crew of the USS Thunder, NCC 70605, gave chase with the aid of Daysa’s wife, Britta Daysa, and Arlon Berindi, her Lomale, to guide the Thunder through the Sandbar. A search of Gaev’s files that were found during the sting, revealed that one of his Orion clients had requested a Laudean with high Fielding abilities. It is believed he is heading toward a rendezvous with the Orion near Bajor to turn Daysa over to him.

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