Embassy/Thunder Plot Summary for August

Embassy/Thunder Plot Summary for August

The disguised crew of the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 accepted Harromad’s invitation to land Bolivia Gaev’s scout ship in the hangar of Harromad’s freighter. The crew were split into groups, with one group going to the Entertainment Center on the lower deck and the other meeting with Harromad and Teral for dinner. The officers in the Entertainment Center learned that the freighter was en route to DS9 to disable it with a large energy dampening device onboard the freighter.
Meanwhile, Captain Toni Turner and Commander Tallis Rhul along with a few other officers met with Harromad and Teral, and it soon became obvious that something was wrong. Turner was recognized and was separated from the others. A bomb was implanted into her arm just as one had been implanted in Vail Daysa’s arm. The Syndicate/Brotherhood plan to beam Turner and Daysa into the negotiation meetings on DS9 and activate the bombs was halted when the crew made their escape on the scout ship and beamed Turner and Daysa off the freighter. With the infiltration team back together, the scout ship rendezvoused with the Thunder and tracked the freighter to the Rolor Nebula. After the Thunder’s boarding parties took control of the freighter, a fail-safe program initiated on the freighter causing it to continue toward DS9. The crew was unable to stop the program, and the freighter was destroyed just as it reached the outskirts of the Bajor system.
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