Embassy Plot Summary for October

Embassy Plot Summary for October

The crew of the USS Thunder, NCC-70605, are currently on shore leave on Duronis II. The USS Ronin, NCC-34523, visited the Embassy on its way to their next mission and shared a couple of days of rest. A shared dinner prepared by the Embassy’s chef, Artan Cordian, was well-received by both crews, and it was a rare opportunity for the officers to reunite old friends and to make new ones.
After the Ronin left orbit, the Embassy crew continued with their shore leave adventures. One officer’s adventures turned into a horrific experience at one of the local clubs in Lokesh City. Lieutenant Ashley Yael had been secretly indulging in the use of narcotics to alleviate his symptoms from Theoron’s Disease, with which he has suffered for several years. The supplier, Shanq, of the counselor’s illicit habit had been implicated in crimes against Starfleet officers previously, and Shanq would continue with that pattern of activity. Lieutenant Yael was held against his will, after injecting the narcotics from his supplier, and Shanq assaulted the counselor, which included carving two barbaric messages into the skin of his back with a knife, intended to motivate the Federation to leave Duronis II. With the assistance of the local authorities, the Embassy’s officers rescued Lieutenant Yael and took him to safety just before Shanq followed through on his immediate threat to burn the counselor who had been doused with fuel. Shanq was shot by the Laudean authorities and is in Laudean custody for multiple crimes.
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