Embassy plot summary for May

Embassy plot summary for May

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy began to settle into their new home during shore leave. Curiosities were shared by both Starfleet officers and Laudeans, as each sought to learn more about the other. The Embassy crew ventured out into Lokesh City to shop and dine in the local market place, and the Embassy saw its first Laudean visitors. After being greeted by, and having shared ideas with Ambassador Boyd Lee and other crew members at the Embassy, the visitors left with a new understanding of Starfleet’s mission on Duronis II. It was later revealed that these visitors were participants in a struggle for power in the Laudean government. Prime Minister Ahishma Chandra devised a plan to ensure her re-election in the fall through a union that would give her a child with exceptional fielding abilities.
The Laudeans’ leader wasn’t the only one with children on their mind. Amilla Lee, the Ambassador’s wife and soon-to-be grandmother, saw the need for a school for the Starfleet children at the Embassy, and she worked to incorporate Laudean children and the sharing of cultures in the classroom.
The darker side of Duronis II was revealed throughout shore leave as one crew member was poisoned, a murdered Laudean was placed on the edge of the Embassy’s grounds with evidence intended to implicate a human crew member, and finally, a clandestine operation was initiated to stop a Laudean criminal who was involved in slave trading using at least one unwilling Starfleet officer.

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