Embassy plot summary for April

Embassy plot summary for April

When the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 was hijacked, seemingly by Ensign Saveron and 2nd Lt. Isaac Green, the crew was faced with the dilemma of retaking control of the ship. Hell-bent on going to Deep Space 9, Saveron and Green diverted all controls to the Battle Bridge on Deck 8, and flooded engineering and other key decks with anesthezine to keep the crew at bay. After a hard-fought battle, the crew, led by Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul, was successful in breaking into the Battle Bridge. Green was captured, but Saveron, under the influence of a Pah-Wraith, fled, attempting to commandeer the Captain’s yacht, but was confronted by Lieutenant Anora Manar, who was possessed by a Bajoran Prophet. Ending a battle between good and evil that threatened to destroy the Thunder, the Prophet and Pah-Wraith were shot with chronitons modified to be lethal to beings of their kind. Now back at the Embassy on Duronis II, the crew is on shore leave, allowing Green and Saveron time to deal with the remorse they feel for having caused the deaths of some of their crewmates and nearly destroying the Thunder.
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