June 2012

The Publicity Team Interview

Have you ever wondered how members are attracted to our group? Have you thought how you could make a difference and draw people to our community? Would you like to

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May Plot Summary: USS Mercury

As the USS Mercury, NCC-99812, began its pursuit of the Borg-ified USS Nimitz with its escort of three Cardassian warships, CO Miles Unum was also recalled. XO Arden Cain took

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New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet:  Nearian Ben’thal, James R. Connelly, Jalana Laxyn, and John Marks!

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May Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The USS Apollo NCC-71669, having safely disposed of the confiscated Borg scout ship, has resumed it’s course to the Typhon expanse in order to continue it’s mission.  A sense of

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May Plot Summary: USS Drake

The Jektim Imperium — a fully independent star system in the heart of Federation space — is in crisis.  With the death of the man who ruled the Imperium for

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Forums Roundup: June 2012

It’s already the summer of 2012! While it seems like New Year’s day was just a few days ago, it is really becoming apparent that this year is flying by

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