The Publicity Team Interview

The Publicity Team Interview

Have you ever wondered how members are attracted to our group? Have you thought how you could make a difference and draw people to our community? Would you like to help make Starbase 118 the best RPG group in the world?
Here in the interview, I have spoken with with Lt. Colonel Miles Unum of the Duronis II Embassy, and leader of the Publicity Team. He explains the duties and requirements of joining, as well as what is gained with what the team does. I also spoke with Commander Kalianna Nicholotti of Starbase 118 Ops about what she does with content created by the team each month.
Could you tell us what exactly the teams duties are?
The Publicity Team works to attract new members through direct contact with friends and acquaintances, posting on specific websites, utilizing social media, and working to boost our search engine ranking.
What is the most common duty that the team does on a daily basis?
We vote daily on websites that list play-by-email role playing games, and we also discuss current and prospective projects as the need arises.
Is there a monthly requirement for the team?
We like for each member to submit one article of at least three hundred words each month.  The article is simple and not expected to be your best work because it is used to increase our search engine ranking.  Of course, we understand if a team member is busy and unable to submit an article, but the search engine ranking is our greatest publicity tool at the moment.
What are the requirements to join the team?
Just to be an active member of SB118.  We welcome anyone who has time to participate in an out-of-character activity and has a desire to recruit new members.
Commander Nicholotti, I understand that you take the essays and place them in a keyword engine, could you explain the process?
The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) side of things is actually pretty convoluted and full of industry secrets that I’ve learned over the years, but the basic idea is to take one essay, code it to become multiple essays, and distribute them to niche specific blogs across the web, whose owners post them with active links that all point back to our site. The search engines see these links, which are always keywords that we want to rank for in the search engines, and associate our website with those phrases. One example is the phrase ‘Star Trek RPG’. Now, because of the blogs and other sites around the internet have linked to our site using these words as the anchor text (the linked text), when someone searches that phrase in a search engine, our website shows up as one of the first few results.
Because most users click within the first five or so results on any given search, having our site show up there brings in traffic, visitors that wouldn’t have otherwise found us.
We also run a growing social media campaign, making use of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter to bring in visitors, keep our members in the loop on Fleetwide news, and provide authority to our main site, again, through the eyes of the search engines.
If you would like more information check out their wiki page!  To join, head to the Yahoo Group and request membership!

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