Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing – A Note from A Professor

Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing – A Note from A Professor

If you’ve attended a college or university class before, you may be familiar with the standards that some professors hold you to, especially when it comes to writing. These higher level instructors expect you to be articulate and able to convey your ideas in a written form without stumbling over your words and your grammar. And while they know mistakes will be made, some of them, such as David Patterson, a Computer Science Professor at UC Berkeley, have gone out of their way to give students and writers around the world some simple ideas on how to make writing better.
Devoid of frilly additions to the page, or ads that take away from the basic premise and simple ideas of the text, this professor has pretty much hit the nail on the head. He simply takes the time to put forth some ‘from the teacher’ tips that can be used in almost any kind of writing. With simple to use advice, you’re sure to walk away from this page with some new technique or hint that can help you make your sims better, which, in the end, is a goal we all share. Be sure to take a minute to check out the page and the simple writing advice Mister Patterson offers today!

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