Forums Roundup: June 2012

Forums Roundup: June 2012

It’s already the summer of 2012! While it seems like New Year’s day was just a few days ago, it is really becoming apparent that this year is flying by at warp speed. As we hurtle towards the time of vacations, fun, and warm weather, don’t forget there’s still plenty to do on the Starbase 118 forums. Here’s a few things that are going on right now on the Starbase 118 forums:
Round 9 voting is open in the Top Sims contest. There are quite a few awesome entries this round, so head over to the Top Sims forums and read the best that the Fleet has to offer:
The publicity team is working hard at building our online presence as the world gears up for the next Star Trek movie. Take a minute to see what they have going on and see if you can spare a few minutes to help:
Welcome our newest members by visiting the official welcome thread. Remember, one of our strengths is our community, so make that one of the first things that people see when they arrive at Starbase 118:
Another one of the coolest parts about being involved with Starbase 118 is the diversity behind our membership. Head to the Location thread and see where your fellow simmers hail from:
New this month! Join fellow officers who work in your duty post or in one of the guilds your character belongs to for an IC sim on the forums here: for duty posts, and here: for guilds. Remember, these are IN CHARACTER threads for simming holo conferences and the like, so get together with like minded officers from across the fleet and have even more simming fun!
There’s much more to see and do on the forums as well, so take a moment while you’re cooling off inside to connect with our community and check out everything happening now right here:

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