May Plot Summary: USS Apollo

May Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The USS Apollo NCC-71669, having safely disposed of the confiscated Borg scout ship, has resumed it’s course to the Typhon expanse in order to continue it’s mission.  A sense of unease seems to be passing over the crew, as the Expanse has been known to cause a host of unexplained problems. The first to experience difficulties with the expanse has been Lieutenant (JG) Vid-Lotilija, who is suffering from a number of unexplained symptoms.
After several days in the Expanse, while avoiding hazardous phenomenon and anomalies, the crew has discovered two significant things. The first appears to be some kind of energy based life form native to the expanse. No record of this creature exists, but it is possessed of at least basic intelligence.
The second, and more somber discovery, is the discovery of the missing Intrepid-class USS Nelson. The Nelson was reported missing several days before the launch of the Apollo. Sensors show that the Nelson is heavily damaged, with no power, and the majority of the escape pods gone. There are no life signs aboard the ship, suggesting that the ship met with an unfortunate, and potentially violent end. the crew of the Apollo is now working to determine how best to conduct their investigation into the fate of the Nelson’s crew.
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