May Plot Summary: USS Drake

The Jektim Imperium — a fully independent star system in the heart of Federation space — is in crisis.  With the death of the man who ruled the Imperium for the past century, the USS Drake, NCC 1987, has been called in to help maintain peace and stability while the Jektim people attempt to fill the power vacuum.

Unfortunately, before Commander William Rogers and his crew even arrive at the Jektim Capital, suicide bombings and targeted attacks on several key political players — and their families — threaten to derail the fragile political process.

Along with the majority of his senior officers, Rogers is currently attending a banquet in the Jektim CGC — Central Government Complex — where he is attempting to get a read on the three key government ministers, Kin Zaht, Tully Ander and Zadon Larkus.

Meanwhile, aboard the Drake, a security team led by Lieutenant Jade Shryker attempts to apprehend a pair of presumed hostiles who have managed to beam themselves onto the Drake using a highly dangerous unconfined transporter beam…

To keep up with their story, follow the crew of the Drake on their Yahoo! Group page.

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