Poll of the Week: It’s a Date

Poll of the Week: It’s a Date

Of all the significant dates to arise throughout the ages, Friday, 21st of December 2012 has to be on top of a very short list. That date of course is the last day of the ancient Mayan calender which has inspired multiple films, untold amount of conspiracy and undoubtedly a lot of fear as it looms closer. The reason for such interest in that day of all others could only be that people will always be curious about the reason why the Mayan calender just stops this year and not some other random point in time.
So the question being posed this week is this, what do you think will happen on Friday 21st of December 2012? Do you think that it will be another normal day like the day after it or do you think that the world will come to a blockbuster finish as the movies suggest? I suppose that they are a few people that might have been able to tell us once upon a time but now it is up to us to figure out. If we have a little fun during the debate all the better.
So come on down and cast your vote at the forums and join in the speculation that will no doubt follow.

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