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FNN Update: Nequencia Colony Falls to Klingon Fleet

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.20) – The Nequencia and Khitomer Systems have fallen to the Klingons, along with areas located near Tranome Sar.

According to confirmed reports from Romulan space, the Nequencia system – recently part of the Thracian Alliance – as well as the contested system of Khitomer, have fallen to the advancing Klingon fleet who has now turned their attention to other colonies and outlying systems in the area. Estimates of casualties are still being calculated, but what images have escaped the inhabited planets of the system show the brutality of the attacks.

Federation representatives have made multiple attempts to bring the Klingons to the table, but a message from the Klingon High Command has stated that the Federation has no jurisdiction over the matter, and it is strictly between the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Meanwhile, Starfleet has started sending ships in the general direction of Starbase 118 where fighting between the two Empires has broken out, but until official aid is requested, ships must remain outside of the Neutral Zone.

FNN will have more on this breaking story as soon as it is available.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

FNN Breaking News: Klingon Fleet Breaches Neutral Zone

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.13) – Starfleet Command confirms the first reports of unprovoked Klingon attacks on systems within Romulan borders.

Despite communications blackouts that still exist throughout Romulan space following the destruction of the Hobus star, Starfleet Command has verified at least one report of unprovoked violence against a Romulan colony world near the Neutral Zone. The colony, known as the Nequencia colony, lies just within Romulan borders on their side of the zone, making the Klingon incursion seem deliberate and intentional.

Thus far, communication with Klingon officials by FNN representatives has been met with silence. Likewise, Klingon ambassadors and representatives aboard Starbase 118 have either left their posts to return home or remain tight lipped and hidden within the Diplomatic Tower. Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps are already opening lines of communication with those representatives who have not returned to the Empire, but no updates on their progress have been released as of yet.

“We’re hesitant to call it an invasion as of yet,” says Commander Zorah Reckt of the Diplomatic Corps. “As of right now we’re just trying to figure out what’s going on and we’re willing to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt until they prove they deserve otherwise.”

Be sure to stay tuned to FNN for the latest regarding this breaking story.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

FNN Breaking News: Klingon Fleet Quietly Massing Near Romulan Border

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.06) – Scattered reports have emerged from systems along the Klingon-Romulan border that Klingon forces are preparing for a large scale military operation, the purpose of which is unconfirmed.

A Federation task force, led by the USS Cortez, has reported that a large fleet of Klingon Warships has been amassing in the Mempa Sector near Beta Thoridar. Data from the Cortez indicates that the fleet was last seen headed towards the Romulan border. Systems on the Romulan side of the border, particularly the Nequencia system, were once heavily defended, but since the destruction of Hobus and the subsequent dispersion of a centralized Romulan military, the majority of the Romulan Empire’s side has fallen into chaos.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated that Klingon scout ships may have already infiltrated Romulan space, traveling as far as the D’deridex system. No attacks have yet been reported in this region. But such incursions into Romulan territory suggest that the Klingon Imperial Fleet is testing the defenses and responses along border regions. With Romulan Fleet Command all but destroyed, responses have been limited at best. Whether or not such actions are a preparation for a larger operation, or simply an extended exercise remains speculative.

The Office of Senator Vreeya, Ambassador aboard Starbase 118, released a statement, saying “The Romulan Star Empire has undeniably suffered as a result of the destruction of our home system, and faces a long journey in the process of rebuilding. However, regardless of internal politics, the Empire will not tolerate violations of our sovereign territory, and if threatened, will respond in full measure. Klingon Consular staff did not respond to a request for comment.

FNN will provide more details as they become available.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

FNN Breaking News: Romulan Unification Talks Halted

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238907.30) – Proposed talks to help now established colony worlds recover and form a unified government within the Romulan Empire have come to a halt.

This morning, attempts by Federation diplomatic corps personnel to encourage leaders from the Romulan Empire’s biggest colony worlds to meet and unify under a single, centralized government have met with the first real problem. Responses to messages sent to the colony worlds have been slow coming in, but today it became readily apparent that the first hurdle in the process will be finding a location where representatives all agree to meet.

“Messages received from over half of the colony worlds show an unwillingness to bend,” claims Lieutenant Michael Kylle of the diplomatic corps. “Each representative claims they will meet in a different place, each feeling those offered by the others put them at a political disadvantage.”

For now, the talks are on hold while Federation representatives try to work out a way to keep the dialogue open and the representatives talking despite the growing animosity between colonies. Though the original plan seems to have collapsed, members of the diplomatic corps are working hard to find alternatives.

“A unified Romulan Empire is vital to their very survival. That’s all there is to it,” claims mister Kylle. With the weight of the loss of the majority of their population, as well as most of their leaders, this unification will have to be built from scratch. Stay tuned to FNN for more news on the story as it breaks.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

FNN Update: Continuing Aftermath of Hobus Supernova

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238907.23) – After recent attacks on Starbase 118, analysts say that turmoil and unrest throughout the Romulan Empire will continue to be a problem, both to the Romulan people as well as Federation colonies and bases bordering the Neutral Zone, until a new centralized government is formed.

In the wake of events that brought yet another splinter group to light, analysts say that the civil unrest occurring throughout Romulan space will continue to create problems both in and out of Romulan held territories. Reikara, a faction known for its use of technology to accomplish its goal of a government takeover, has been forced back into the shadows of their broken Empire, but Intel reports of other, similar factions are already making their way across the border to Federation space.

Though unconfirmed, some reports say that the Empire is in such disarray that multiple people are claiming to be Emperor, praetor, or commander of the military forces. While there is no real system in place to verify any of these claims, none of those who make it last long enough to gain traction with the public. Assassinations are becoming more and more common as things degrade according to what little information escapes the region.

Federation diplomatic personnel have been assigned to help the colony worlds meet in an attempt to create a new centralized government. As of now, communication remains slow, but representatives from the diplomatic corps state that they have made contact with the majority of the main players. The next move is yet to be seen, but could mean peace for a still hurting Empire.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

FNN Special Report: Energy Wave Triggers Cascade Failures Throughout Trinity/Serellian Sectors

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238902.21) – This afternoon, at 1608 hours, Starbase 118 and the surrounding area was hit with an energy wave that was able to take advantage of a manufacturing fault in sub-processors across both the station and ships that operate within this sector of space. The Starbase remains on emergency power tonight as engineering and science crews work around the clock to try to find out not only how the fault was perpetuated, but how it can be fixed before a deadly wave of metallic projectiles – essentially large bullets – reach the station in less than five days.

FNN Breaking News: Discovery Fuels Dangerous Tension Along Romulan/Klingon Border

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238810.21) – Delegates from the Romulan and Klingon Empires are arriving aboard Starbase 118 for negotiations regarding a planet in the neutral zone discovered to be rich in Pergium. Both sides are vying for control of the planet and the subsequent mining operations; a situation that could escalate into an all out war.

Pergium is a radioactive element that is often used in power generation. It is also one of the rarer of such elements in existence. Considered a scarce commodity, the discovery has caused heightened tensions along the border. As the Romulans are still working on rebuilding their Empire, officials are increasingly concerned by the growing desperation that may lead to violent hostilities that would not only put the world and the native people there in danger, but would inevitably put Starbase 118 directly in middle of a war zone.

In an attempt to keep the peace, the USS Victory has been dispatched to serve as a buffer between representative ships from both sides, which are said to be already in orbit of the planet in question.

Thracia 2 is the second planet in the Thracia system, which consists of three planets and an asteroid belt. Thracia 2 is the only planet in the system capable of sustaining life, but due to the fact that they are still a primitive civilization, nothing has drawn any visitors to the planet before.

The border Nequencia colony can be found within the closest system to Thracia 2, however, no attempts to visit the planet have been made to date.

AJ Cregg
StarBase 118 Press Secretary

FNN Breaking News: The End of the Crisis at StarBase 118?

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238808.31) – The crisis appears to be over. Up to the minute reports are showing that the main terrorist threat to Starbase 118 has been destroyed. Isolated firefights are still being reported throughout the damaged parts of the station, but overall, the Starbase is on the path to recovery.

Just minutes ago, representatives from Starfleet confirmed that the drifting cargo ship full of explosives that had been disabled just outside of the station’s docking doors has now been destroyed. Finding few choices left, the terrorists who were in control of the freighter chose to trigger a warp core overload rather than be taken as prisoners. There are no survivors.

FNN Breaking News: Aggression Continues on Starbase 118

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238807.15) – Localized firefights are being reported throughout the crippled Starbase 118 as command staff and crew continue the struggle to bring power and communications back online. At least one death is being blamed on the violence occurring after the bombs, the extent of which is still unknown.

Lieutenant Commander Guy Perry Hunt was pronounced dead shortly after being transported by and to the mercy ship Braveheart, which was activated after the bombs to handle the huge influx of injuries.

FNN Special Report: Attack on StarBase 118

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238807.15) – Multiple blasts rock StarBase 118 in what appears to be a complex and highly coordinated attack. At this time, no groups have claimed responsibility, and the StarBase continues to struggle to bring their power back online.

Late this morning, at least four separate explosions occurred in different locations throughout StarBase 118. Officials say that the locations of the explosions were eerily strategic, giving rise to the question of whether or not this was a planned terrorist attack. Starfleet has no comment at this time, but the rumors flow fast throughout the Commercial Sector, where one of the explosions occurred.

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