FNN Update: Nequencia Colony Falls to Klingon Fleet

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.20) – The Nequencia and Khitomer Systems have fallen to the Klingons, along with areas located near Tranome Sar.

According to confirmed reports from Romulan space, the Nequencia system – recently part of the Thracian Alliance – as well as the contested system of Khitomer, have fallen to the advancing Klingon fleet who has now turned their attention to other colonies and outlying systems in the area. Estimates of casualties are still being calculated, but what images have escaped the inhabited planets of the system show the brutality of the attacks.

Federation representatives have made multiple attempts to bring the Klingons to the table, but a message from the Klingon High Command has stated that the Federation has no jurisdiction over the matter, and it is strictly between the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Meanwhile, Starfleet has started sending ships in the general direction of Starbase 118 where fighting between the two Empires has broken out, but until official aid is requested, ships must remain outside of the Neutral Zone.

FNN will have more on this breaking story as soon as it is available.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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