FNN Breaking News: Klingon Fleet Quietly Massing Near Romulan Border

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.06) – Scattered reports have emerged from systems along the Klingon-Romulan border that Klingon forces are preparing for a large scale military operation, the purpose of which is unconfirmed.

A Federation task force, led by the USS Cortez, has reported that a large fleet of Klingon Warships has been amassing in the Mempa Sector near Beta Thoridar. Data from the Cortez indicates that the fleet was last seen headed towards the Romulan border. Systems on the Romulan side of the border, particularly the Nequencia system, were once heavily defended, but since the destruction of Hobus and the subsequent dispersion of a centralized Romulan military, the majority of the Romulan Empire’s side has fallen into chaos.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated that Klingon scout ships may have already infiltrated Romulan space, traveling as far as the D’deridex system. No attacks have yet been reported in this region. But such incursions into Romulan territory suggest that the Klingon Imperial Fleet is testing the defenses and responses along border regions. With Romulan Fleet Command all but destroyed, responses have been limited at best. Whether or not such actions are a preparation for a larger operation, or simply an extended exercise remains speculative.

The Office of Senator Vreeya, Ambassador aboard Starbase 118, released a statement, saying “The Romulan Star Empire has undeniably suffered as a result of the destruction of our home system, and faces a long journey in the process of rebuilding. However, regardless of internal politics, the Empire will not tolerate violations of our sovereign territory, and if threatened, will respond in full measure. Klingon Consular staff did not respond to a request for comment.

FNN will provide more details as they become available.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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