FNN Breaking News: Romulan Unification Talks Halted

FNN Breaking News: Romulan Unification Talks Halted

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238907.30) – Proposed talks to help now established colony worlds recover and form a unified government within the Romulan Empire have come to a halt.
This morning, attempts by Federation diplomatic corps personnel to encourage leaders from the Romulan Empire’s biggest colony worlds to meet and unify under a single, centralized government have met with the first real problem. Responses to messages sent to the colony worlds have been slow coming in, but today it became readily apparent that the first hurdle in the process will be finding a location where representatives all agree to meet.
“Messages received from over half of the colony worlds show an unwillingness to bend,” claims Lieutenant Michael Kylle of the diplomatic corps. “Each representative claims they will meet in a different place, each feeling those offered by the others put them at a political disadvantage.”
For now, the talks are on hold while Federation representatives try to work out a way to keep the dialogue open and the representatives talking despite the growing animosity between colonies. Though the original plan seems to have collapsed, members of the diplomatic corps are working hard to find alternatives.
“A unified Romulan Empire is vital to their very survival. That’s all there is to it,” claims mister Kylle. With the weight of the loss of the majority of their population, as well as most of their leaders, this unification will have to be built from scratch. Stay tuned to FNN for more news on the story as it breaks.
Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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