FNN Special Report: Attack on StarBase 118

FNN Special Report: Attack on StarBase 118

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238807.15) – Multiple blasts rock StarBase 118 in what appears to be a complex and highly coordinated attack. At this time, no groups have claimed responsibility, and the StarBase continues to struggle to bring their power back online.
Late this morning, at least four separate explosions occurred in different locations throughout StarBase 118. Officials say that the locations of the explosions were eerily strategic, giving rise to the question of whether or not this was a planned terrorist attack. Starfleet has no comment at this time, but the rumors flow fast throughout the Commercial Sector, where one of the explosions occurred.
“It was a terrorist, I’m sure of it,” says Jenya Malixe, a shop owner who escaped unscathed, “why else would it make main and backup power go offline?”
Currently, the StarBase has mobilized the entire 118th Tactical Marine Division as well as all shifts of Starfleet personnel. Over 300 people have reported to sickbay with injuries, and the death toll has reached 87 as of the latest update ten standard minutes ago. Continued attempts to restore power have been met with mixed results as the station as a whole begins to really assess the situation.
AJ Cregg
StarBase 118 Press Secretary

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