FNN Breaking News: The End of the Crisis at StarBase 118?

FNN Breaking News: The End of the Crisis at StarBase 118?

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238808.31) – The crisis appears to be over. Up to the minute reports are showing that the main terrorist threat to Starbase 118 has been destroyed. Isolated firefights are still being reported throughout the damaged parts of the station, but overall, the Starbase is on the path to recovery.
Just minutes ago, representatives from Starfleet confirmed that the drifting cargo ship full of explosives that had been disabled just outside of the station’s docking doors has now been destroyed. Finding few choices left, the terrorists who were in control of the freighter chose to trigger a warp core overload rather than be taken as prisoners. There are no survivors.
In an attempt to pull the drifting freighter away from the station and into the safety of open space just before the explosion, the USS Victory suffered damage from their proximity to the explosion. Injuries have been reported aboard the Intrepid class vessel, but Starfleet Medical has not provided an up to date death and injury account since our last report.
Terrorists who were already on Starbase 118 when the explosion occurred are being tracked down and apprehended by station security.
Meanwhile, repairs to the station have already started, as Engineering and Marines move into the most damaged areas of the station to remove debris and start the repair process.
Graphic Cr: http://community.subspacerelay.net

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