FNN Update: Continuing Aftermath of Hobus Supernova

FNN Update: Continuing Aftermath of Hobus Supernova

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238907.23) – After recent attacks on Starbase 118, analysts say that turmoil and unrest throughout the Romulan Empire will continue to be a problem, both to the Romulan people as well as Federation colonies and bases bordering the Neutral Zone, until a new centralized government is formed.
In the wake of events that brought yet another splinter group to light, analysts say that the civil unrest occurring throughout Romulan space will continue to create problems both in and out of Romulan held territories. Reikara, a faction known for its use of technology to accomplish its goal of a government takeover, has been forced back into the shadows of their broken Empire, but Intel reports of other, similar factions are already making their way across the border to Federation space.
Though unconfirmed, some reports say that the Empire is in such disarray that multiple people are claiming to be Emperor, praetor, or commander of the military forces. While there is no real system in place to verify any of these claims, none of those who make it last long enough to gain traction with the public. Assassinations are becoming more and more common as things degrade according to what little information escapes the region.
Federation diplomatic personnel have been assigned to help the colony worlds meet in an attempt to create a new centralized government. As of now, communication remains slow, but representatives from the diplomatic corps state that they have made contact with the majority of the main players. The next move is yet to be seen, but could mean peace for a still hurting Empire.
Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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