FNN Special Report: Energy Wave Triggers Cascade Failures Throughout Trinity/Serellian Sectors

FNN Special Report: Energy Wave Triggers Cascade Failures Throughout Trinity/Serellian Sectors

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238902.21) – This afternoon, at 1608 hours, Starbase 118 and the surrounding area was hit with an energy wave that was able to take advantage of a manufacturing fault in sub-processors across both the station and ships that operate within this sector of space. The Starbase remains on emergency power tonight as engineering and science crews work around the clock to try to find out not only how the fault was perpetuated, but how it can be fixed before a deadly wave of metallic projectiles – essentially large bullets – reach the station in less than five days.
With defensive systems down on the station as well as its Defense Fleet, time is of the essence. Engineering reports that they are working on implementing a temporary fix that will make use of functioning replicators and less needed systems that contain unaffected sub processors. A representative has told FNN that the process is already underway and should gain enough steam to allow basic systems restoration in the next two or three days.
Meanwhile, Commander Nicholotti has contacted the leaders of the Thracian Alliance, a newly formed alliance of planets near the Thracian system, to request assistance. Both ships as well as supplies are headed to Starbase 118, however, reports of how many and exactly what they might be bringing cannot be confirmed.
Likewise, scattered reports of attacks on outlying colonies and systems in the sector have also come in, but we have been unable to confirm them at this time. Updates will follow as more information is made available.
Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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