FNN Breaking News: Aggression Continues on Starbase 118

FNN Breaking News: Aggression Continues on Starbase 118

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238807.15) – Localized firefights are being reported throughout the crippled Starbase 118 as command staff and crew continue the struggle to bring power and communications back online. At least one death is being blamed on the violence occurring after the bombs, the extent of which is still unknown.
Lieutenant Commander Guy Perry Hunt was pronounced dead shortly after being transported by and to the mercy ship Braveheart, which was activated after the bombs to handle the huge influx of injuries.
At least four separate firefights have been reported in different areas of Starbase 118 tonight. Partial power has been restored and people are once again up and moving around the station. Though the staff of the station has asked everyone to remain where they are unless they are injured, many frightened people are moving towards the docking areas with the intent of disembarking with their ships.
But with all docking operations suspended, they are being turned away long before they reach their ships. “This is outrageous! We should be allowed to leave when we want.” Ja’tai, a half Klingon merchant was only supposed to be aboard for the day. “Now I’m stuck in this Starfleet mess for who knows how long.”
Meanwhile, cleanup of the bombed areas has already begun as the 437th Armored Cavalry Regiment, in cooperation with the Starbase R&D department, mobilizes. One source from the command and control center claims that power and all vital systems will be back online and functioning normally within the next six hours. While panic has broken out in many places, Command claims that the situation is currently under control. They ask all inhabitants of the station to remain calm and inside while cleanup and recovery commences.
AJ Cregg
StarBase 118 Press Secretary

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