FNN Breaking News: Klingon Fleet Breaches Neutral Zone

Starbase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238908.13) – Starfleet Command confirms the first reports of unprovoked Klingon attacks on systems within Romulan borders.

Despite communications blackouts that still exist throughout Romulan space following the destruction of the Hobus star, Starfleet Command has verified at least one report of unprovoked violence against a Romulan colony world near the Neutral Zone. The colony, known as the Nequencia colony, lies just within Romulan borders on their side of the zone, making the Klingon incursion seem deliberate and intentional.

Thus far, communication with Klingon officials by FNN representatives has been met with silence. Likewise, Klingon ambassadors and representatives aboard Starbase 118 have either left their posts to return home or remain tight lipped and hidden within the Diplomatic Tower. Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps are already opening lines of communication with those representatives who have not returned to the Empire, but no updates on their progress have been released as of yet.

“We’re hesitant to call it an invasion as of yet,” says Commander Zorah Reckt of the Diplomatic Corps. “As of right now we’re just trying to figure out what’s going on and we’re willing to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt until they prove they deserve otherwise.”

Be sure to stay tuned to FNN for the latest regarding this breaking story.

Commander Alexander Jayson Cregg
Press Secretary
Starbase 118

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