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Challenger plot summary for April

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A is currently in Klingon Empire space after they were asked by the Klingons for assistance with the Xarantine, a species they have been at war with for over 250 years. The situation quickly revealed itself to be more than what it seemed, as the Klingons had quarantined the Xarantine species and were using them as live training aids for their warrior training program. With further investigation, it was found that the Xarantine had surrendered, in the face of Klingon hostilities, which angered the Klingons, who threatened to cause their sun to go supernova if the Xarantine didn’t continue to honorably defend themselves. The crew of the Challenger is now tasked with peaceably resolving the stand-off and saving the Xarantines from future harm!

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Independence plot summary for April

Following the wedding of the LtCmdr. Ethan Brice and LtCmdr. Karynn Ehlanii, the crew of the USS Independence-A, NX-1776-A, was given some time to wrap up their shore leave plots. Then, following a request from Ambassador Kare’en m’Hapron m’Adrina who is stationed on a new Romulan colony in the Ithassa region, the crew was recalled for their next mission. The senior staff gathered for a mission briefing, which began with promotions followed by a ceremony for changing the registry number of the USS Independence-A. No longer an experimental vessel, the ship now carries the registration NCC-1776-A. This was followed by a summary of the situation within the Romulan colony which has been struggling with flooding and poor water quality, along with insufficient medical supplies and facilities. The ship’s senior staff was divided into three teams: one to design and build a water reclamation system, one to design and build levees against flooding, and one to set up proper medical facilities for the colony. After significant time for questions which included the level of technology that could be used during this mission, the senior staff was dismissed. Since then, each of the three teams have met to discuss and plan their various aspects of the mission. Additionally, members of the crew have found some time to participate in activities and scenes that facilitate character development.

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Victory plot summary for April

USS EagleShore leave on Earth was cut short and all members of the crew were recalled to the ship for a reception honoring the promotion of Captain Andrus Jaxx. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley arrived fairly suddenly as most of the crew were still making it back aboard. She presented the new Captain with his promotion in person and stayed only for a short few hours to celebrate the promotion.

With plenty of new tech being tested on the USS Victory NCC-362447, the crew has started preparing to ship out for their next mission. Though they don’t know it, Captain Jaxx has requested a transfer for the crew to StarBase 118 Operations in light of the news that Lieutenant JG Tressa is pregnant.

Embassy plot summary for April

When the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 was hijacked, seemingly by Ensign Saveron and 2nd Lt. Isaac Green, the crew was faced with the dilemma of retaking control of the ship. Hell-bent on going to Deep Space 9, Saveron and Green diverted all controls to the Battle Bridge on Deck 8, and flooded engineering and other key decks with anesthezine to keep the crew at bay. After a hard-fought battle, the crew, led by Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul, was successful in breaking into the Battle Bridge. Green was captured, but Saveron, under the influence of a Pah-Wraith, fled, attempting to commandeer the Captain’s yacht, but was confronted by Lieutenant Anora Manar, who was possessed by a Bajoran Prophet. Ending a battle between good and evil that threatened to destroy the Thunder, the Prophet and Pah-Wraith were shot with chronitons modified to be lethal to beings of their kind. Now back at the Embassy on Duronis II, the crew is on shore leave, allowing Green and Saveron time to deal with the remorse they feel for having caused the deaths of some of their crewmates and nearly destroying the Thunder.

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Constitution plot summary for April

After sending a rescue team via a shuttle to the surface of Algeron IV, the Constitution-B came into contact with a Romulan Warbird. Following the usual word play, the Romulans agreed to help in the rescue mission. Their Captain even sends a report on what they know of the lost team of archeologists. Of course, nothing is that simple! Along with their report, the Romulans send a virus to the Constitution computers which begins to disable ship systems, including her shields. Once the shields were disabled, the Romulans sent a saboteur to the Constitution, but he was discovered by Ensign Cole.

Meanwhile on the surface, the away team soon discover that most of the Archaeological team have been killed by a photonic life form. Further investigation reveals that the archaeologists connected the photonic life form to an Iconian relic they found in hope of learning the Iconians’ secrets. The incompatible Iconian system corrupted the photonic life form, who then began severing the heads of anyone who couldn’t duck quick enough.

The crew of the Constitution is beginning a rather desperate plan to ride the ship’s computer of the Romulan virus. Either they will succeed, or the Constitution-B will be reduced to a large mass of smoldering metal.

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Monthly Post Totals for April

Post Totals for April

Post Totals for April

Congratulations to the Embassy, who actually made so many posts that it broke the previous script for generating this plot!

USS Victory Crew Moves to Ops

With the promotion of Commander Jaxx to Captain Jaxx, there’s one more surprise in store for the crew of the USS Victory: reassignment!

Whenever a player in UFOP: StarBase 118 reaches the OOC and IC rank of Captain, they are permitted to choose their preferred command. Accordingly, Captain Jaxx has selected StarBase 118: Operations as his command.

The Victory herself will be replacing the USS Tiger as the station’s dedicated support ship, allowing the crew to venture off the base when duty calls them away.

Meanwhile, the Ops crew will meet a cast of characters unseen on any StarFleet ship, from StarBase 118’s Black Tower intelligence officers to the lounge lizards of Mundok’s Bar in “the Dungeon.”

We all wish Captain Jaxx and his crew the best with his new assignment!

USS Independence-A, No Longer NX!

Well, it finally happened. In a ceremony with much fanfare, champagne and even poetry, the USS Independence-A, a Prometheus-class vessel in our community, has (after just over four years of the harshest testing and preparation a ship can endure) finally lost the “NX” experimental prefix.

This makes its official registration NCC-1776-A. We wish the USS Independence-A and her crew happy sailing in the years ahead!

Independence plot summary for March

Having successfully retrieved the stolen drugs and mauls from the FTU, the Independence headed for some much-needed leave to Deep Space 17. While the crew had many individual plans, the biggest event during leave was the wedding of First Officer Karynn Ehlanii to Lcmd Ethan Brice. The wedding saw many friends and familiar faces show up on DS 17, including Captain Ben Walker, Commander Thelev, Lcmd Danny Wilde and Fleet Captain Mar, who performed the ceremony. The wedding was preceded by bachelor and bachelorette parties, which involved an exciting game of Truth or Dare for the women and a lot of drinking by the men. A good time was had by all.

Discovery plot summary for March

Ronin Class ShipAfter the crew of the USS Discovery, NCC-31929-B regaining control of the ship, Lord Cenarius of the Orcus sect retreated to a Federation planet where he now holds Federation citizens as “Livestock”. The crew of the Discovery split into teams to find different ways of defeating the Orcus Sect and gaining back all its crew and citizens. One team under the supervision of Capt. McCall invented weapons from Earth’s Middle Ages with silver in order to defeat the Sect, whereas elsewhere on the ship other Officers had the idea to take the livestock and starve the Sect into submission. Meanwhile the two most Senior Security Officers of the Discovery battled with the Captain Waltas’ sanity, due to the fact that two of the Captain’s children have fallen victim to Lord Cernarius and his sect, urging him to seek a diplomatic solution, maintaining Federation Standards must still be upheld. With the Discovery now in the hands of Cmdr. Mitchell, she now is faced with a hostile Valdore Class Warbird bearing down on her, meanwhile will the crew find a diplomatic solution or will a fire fight ensue with the destruction of the Orcus Sect.

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