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Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for June

During a long shore leave, the staff of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II spent their leisure time exploring Lokesh City, meeting the Laudeans, and taking advantage of the wares at the Marketplace. However, in the background, a sinister element of drugs, prostitution and gambling were at work.

First Lt. Hella, working with the Laudean Chief of Staff Vail Daysa, embarked on a covert mission to find out who was behind all the vices, but soon found it was a cover for Slave traders. Setting up a sting to catch crime kingpin, Bolivia
Gaev, and free 32 women, they brought in the aid of the Embassy staff. They were successful in extracting the women, but Gaev avoided capture, and subsequently kidnapped Hella and Daysa, taking them to his commandeered Romulan Scout. Gaev fled the planet through the Sandbar, an anomaly that only Laudeans can navigate.

Captain Toni Turner and the crew of the USS Thunder, NCC 70605, gave chase with the aid of Daysa’s wife, Britta Daysa, and Arlon Berindi, her Lomale, to guide the Thunder through the Sandbar. A search of Gaev’s files that were found during the sting, revealed that one of his Orion clients had requested a Laudean with high Fielding abilities. It is believed he is heading toward a rendezvous with the Orion near Bajor to turn Daysa over to him.

Discovery plot summary for May

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of the Discovery-B continues their mission against the vampire Orcus Sect. One ground team lead by Steve McCall has managed to rescue the prisoners being held by the Sect, while another ground team lead by Captain Waltas managed to located the sect leader Centarus and kill him. On the ship, team of Ensign Rogg and Lt Lundrigan rescued Lt Blueheart from his entrapment in the holodeck caused by his transporter mishap, while Commander Mitchell, Lt Valdivia, and Dr Berus debate the ethics of forcing the newly developed cure on the former prisoners rescued on the surface.

Drake plot summary for May

USS Drake

USS Drake

After departing space dock, the crew find themselves in a race against time to get all the ship’s systems running at full capacity before they reach the convoy of Romulan refugees. En route, the mysterious computer problems that have plagued the ship may finally have been solved by the arrest of a crew member suspected of hacking into the ship’s systems. They arrive at the convoy location to discover it under attack by four small “pirate” vessels. Although not primarily a war ship the USS Drake, NCC-1987 and its support vessels (the shuttle Golden Hind and runabout Thames) prove to be more than a match for the would be pirates. Offering itself as a target instead of the convoy the Drake managed to lure the pirates away from the convoy where they were disabled by the combination of the Starfleet ship’s weapons and a cyberspace assault launched by the Drake’s android CEO.

Independence plot summary for May

Upon arriving at Bilire VI, the Romulan Colony in the Ithassa Region, the Independence crew beamed down to meet with Ambassador Kare’en and the Romulan colonists to implement their plans to assist the colony. Surprisingly, the crew found the planet to be inhospitable with constant floods and torrential rains and colonists were found to have a great distrust of the Federation’s intention to assist them. The crew also found many colonists were suffering from a mysterious disease. To complicate matters, FltCapt. Riley, Doctor Sampi and Lieutenant Shryker disappeared during a meeting with the Ambassador, leaving LtCmdr. Karynn Brice in command of the Independence. She decided to keep the teams on the planet, however, when no clues became available concerning the disappearances, the senior staff was transported back to the ship to try and find some answers.

Challenger plot summary for May

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A has just finished its mission to the Klingon empire. It turns out that the reason for the conflict between the Klingons and the Xarantine was caused by a mysterious 3rd species that used personnel cloaking technology while their ships moved between normal space and underspace. This species boarded the Challenger-A and one was captured which resulted in open conflict between the crew and the aliens. Once it was clear that they were losing, they started their self-destruct sequence and proceeded to ram the Challenger with their own ship in the final moments before explosion. Numerous members of the crew were injured, including Cmdr. Tel-ar. The crew is now busy repairing the ship as a new peace settles among the Klingons and Xarantine for the first time in 250 years.

Ops plot summary for May

Upon receiving his promotion, Captain Andrus Jaxx was assigned command of StarBase 118. The news was delivered while the starbase’s support ship, the USS Victory, received some upgrades and routine maintenance. As the ship and crew departed McKinley Station in the Sol System, they were set to test new power upgrades to the impulse engines. As the engines were activated there was a violent shudder, and a bright flash. The crew found themselves only seconds away from a collision, with no power to the helm. Luckily, the transporters were working and they were able to transport the inhabitants of the craft over, before the tiny ship impacted on the Victory’s hull. After immediate analysis, and realizing what happened, the crew found themselves in the Sol System in the year 1969, and the craft they hit was the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The crew must scramble to make sure history repeats itself and they complete their moon landing or risk changing the future that they know.

Aurora plot summary for May

Study of the now-disabled crystal revealed a connection between it and the anomaly, more specifically, the artificial structures within it. Careful analysis showed it to actually be a part of the anomaly’s maintenance system that had somehow ended up wandering astray, and plans were rapidly formulated to return it to where it was meant to be. After last minute preparations, the Aurora made it’s attempt to return home, running the more stable, but still volatile, gauntlet of the anomaly’s interior. Getting off a lot lighter than the first time, the ship made it back to Federation space- and nearly ran over a runabout that happened to be investigating that end of the conduit at the time. Safely home again, the crew set course for Starbase 23 to drop off their Romulan passengers, as well as get the ship patched up and take a well-earned break.

Urgent Fleet-wide Bulletin: Duster’s Range Quaratined

FROM: Fleet Operations
TO: All Starfleet vessels, stations and facilities

Please be advised that on Stardate 238806.04, the crew of the USS Constitution-B, on temporary assignment for Starbase 94 Search and Rescue Operations, arrived at Lecereon Omega — more commonly known as Duster’s Range — to investigate the colony’s sudden silence. Once inside the colony the away team discovered evidence that the mining colony of Duster’s Range had become the victim of a Borg incursion.

The Lecereon System shall be considered quarantined immediately and under no circumstances are any Starfleet vessels to enter the system.

More details will follow as they become available.


Constitution plot summary for May

The USS Constitution-B crew arrived at Risa for two weeks of Rest & Relaxation. However, upon arrival at Risa, the Romulan Commander Berek’sil committed suicide. The suicide is being investigate by Lt. T’Pen and her security team, as our guest showed no sign of wanting to end his life. As yet no leads are presenting themselves in the investigation, but unknown to anyone the Romulan Commander was secretly visited by 2nd Lt. Sten just before his death. Sten wanted to make sure the Commander had no secret knowledge of his convert operations. Whether Sten put the suicidal thought into Betek’sil head to keep an even darker secret hidden is yet to be determined.

Embassy plot summary for May

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy began to settle into their new home during shore leave. Curiosities were shared by both Starfleet officers and Laudeans, as each sought to learn more about the other. The Embassy crew ventured out into Lokesh City to shop and dine in the local market place, and the Embassy saw its first Laudean visitors. After being greeted by, and having shared ideas with Ambassador Boyd Lee and other crew members at the Embassy, the visitors left with a new understanding of Starfleet’s mission on Duronis II. It was later revealed that these visitors were participants in a struggle for power in the Laudean government.

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