Starfleet and Klingon away teams missing while investigating signals from lifeless planet

Starfleet and Klingon away teams missing while investigating signals from lifeless planet

P-409 SIGMA – During a routine survey mission, several members of the USS Blackwell along with a Klingon away team are missing in connection to an unknown anomaly.
Passing through the Rettan Province, a Starfleet survey probe picked up a series of strange signals emanating from an apparent lifeless rogue planet, designated P-409 Sigma. Due to the hazardous conditions of the region, and with concerns the signals could be related to recent events on Arndall that saw the reawakening of the Kam’Jahtae, Starfleet Command sent the USS Blackwell (NCC-58999) to investigate.
Equally concerned over the readings, the Klingon High Council feared a return of the Kam’Jahtae, known in Klingon as the Hur’q. The High Council ordered the IKS Gik’tal, a Negh’var class battlecruiser, to rendezvous with the Blackwell and learn what they could.
Arriving at the planet, an away team comprised of Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran, Doctor Anath G’Renn, Lieutenants Krindo Pandorn, and Sanara Pran along with Ensigns Hal Mika and Lewis Little was dispatched to the surface to begin an analysis of the readings. It was during this period that the Gik’tal arrived and sent its own away team down, lead by Lieutenant Krenn, the Klingon vessel’s first officer.
With the away team busy on the surface, Commander Whittaker, the Blackwell’s commanding officer, invited the Klingon captain, Commander Merzan, as a chance for the Klingon crew to get to know the Blackwell’s crew better, in the hopes of fostering better relations. The Klingon captain was rumoured to be less than pleased upon finding out Starfleet had assigned a hospital ship for what the Empire viewed as a grave threat.
A short while later, the Blackwell’s sensors picked up significant changes in the anomaly. As the crew rushed to assess what had happened, they made a shocking discovery – both away teams had vanished, leaving behind no trace except their shuttles.
Obtaining further information on the incident has been difficult, although tensions are speculated to be rising between the Blackwell and the Gik’tal.
“The Captain and crew of the Blackwell are working with the Klingons to bring our people home,” said Lt. Rolla Haneer, the captain’s yeoman. Commander Whittaker himself was unavailable for comment.
Written by Jarred Thoran

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