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USS Blackwell returns after successful aide mission

DEEP SPACE 26 — Fresh from their latest humanitarian mission, the crew of the USS Blackwell joined the other ships of the Andaris Task Force in an extended shore leave on Deep Space 26.

After stabilizing the Caraadian ship and finding the cure for the plague ravishing Debin VII, the crew of the USS Blackwell had a good deal of work ahead of them. Science and engineering crews continued for three weeks to decontaminate the ship and help with repairs. Meanwhile, Blackwell’s medical teams administered the cure to the mining outpost populous and toiled to repair the damage caused to their disease ravaged bodies before the job was finally done.

Andaris Task Force faces murder, sickness, and a ship in peril

DEBIN VII — While assisting a plague-stricken mining colony, the Andaris Task Force has encountered a host of challenges.

Captain Akinor Zaekia and the USS Blackwell were assigned to Debin VII, a small mining outpost under a quarantine by the Freeworlds Navy due to an outbreak of an unknown plague. Attempts to break orbit by miners who claim to be unaffected by the plague and efforts to mine illegally were slowing efforts to find a cure. Meanwhile, the Navy was preparing to destroy the planetoid to contain the outbreak. The Freeworlds Navy ship was not responding to hails and its orbit was beginning to decay spelling certain doom for the colony below.

On the surface of Debin VII, Shayne and Ensign Anath G’Renn entered the mine where the infection was first reported and began looking for any source of answers regarding the plague. They found some remains and curiously, several beetles living in the walls of the mine. In the Starfleet research tent, LtCmdr Merrick R’Ven and Dr Graeme Cook were working on answering the important questions about the plague and its spread, discovering reports of a patient who had been frozen.

“I have a patient here who has contracted said disease and seems to have come off worse, with stronger, more violent reactions than others,” said Dr. Cook upon uncovering the records.

On the Caraadian Navy vessel, the team led by Cmdr Kael Thomas moved past several obstacles to gain access to Engineering, while the team heading to the Bridge faced different barriers. Both quickly discovered the plague had indeed spread to the ship and was the primary reason it was falling from the sky.

Elsewhere, on Deep Space 26 the mutilated body of a prominent Caraadian diplomat was found. Rear Admiral Renos assigned Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti, Ensign Sorel Kaidun, Lieutenant Isabel Pond, Lieutenant JG Jora Kalis along with FNS reporter Kendra Eberhart to investigate. With the victim violently murdered, the guards having seen nothing, and sensors unable to show how someone went in and out of the crime scene undetected, Nicholotti and her team had quite the mystery on their hands.

USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis return after long disaster relief efforts on Kiros III

DEEP SPACE 26 — The crew of the Andrais Task Force are taking a well-deserved shore leave after helping the people of Kiros III

The crews of the Blackwell and Atlantis spent several weeks assisting in the relief effort on Kiros III. Once the crews had seen to needs of the people, investigation into the quakes and the unknown A’Kir device continued. The A’Kir were eventually cleared of wrongdoing and Kirosian Prime Minister Licas recognized the favor they’d been done by the A’Kir’s call for aid.

Andaris Task Force to Provide Disaster Relief and Medical Aid to Kiros III

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis were sent to Kiros III to provide relief to its inhabitants, the A’Kir and Kirosians, who are politically opposed to each other.

Renos promoted to Rear Admiral

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Following the resolution of an incident on Deep Space 26, officers from across the fleet gathered to celebrate the promotion of Rear Admiral Renos.

USS Darwin-A Reassigned to Andaris Task Force

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Andaris Task Force, under the command of Fleet Captain Renos, has been assigned to serve as a peaceful medical envoy to the war-weary Par’tha Expanse. The task force is comprised of four vessels: newly launched Olympic Class USS Blackwell, Intrepid Class USS Atlantis, Horizon Class USS Darwin-A and Defiant Class El Corazón. Darwin’s senior staff was predominantly reassigned to Blackwell and Atlantis, with a few moving to the home station, Deep Space 26.