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Missing USS Blackwell away team found

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Blackwell returned to Deep Space 26 after rescuing a lost away team on an eventful survey mission.

Romulan involvement indicated in Par’tha Expanse mystery

P-409 SIGMA – While attempting to retrieve missing colleagues, the crew of the USS Blackwell made a series of startling discoveries, including uncovering the presence of a cloaked Romulan vessel.

Starfleet and Klingon away teams missing while investigating signals from lifeless planet

P-409 SIGMA – During a routine survey mission, several members of the USS Blackwell along with a Klingon away team are missing in connection to an unknown anomaly.

USS Blackwell crew recoups following difficulties on Arndall

DEEP SPACE 26, PAR’THA EXPANSE – The crew of the USS Blackwell took time to decompress and are recognized for their efforts following the trouble on Arndall.

Ultrasonic waves force deadly “legendary” creatures into subspace

ARNDALL, PAR’THA EXPANSE – With death counts on both sides rising quickly, talks between the Valcarian and Caraadian representatives aboard the Blackwell have come to an abrupt halt to fight a common foe.

History Awakens as the USS Blackwell Brokers Peace

ARNDALL – As the crew of the USS Blackwell work with the leaders of local Par’tha Expanse governments in towards peace, the ground beneath Arndall shakes as an ancient horror returns.

Par’tha Cold War Threatens to Bring the Heat

ARNDALL – Cold war between Valcarian and Caraadian empires grows ever warmer with new disputes over strategic shipyards.

Andaris Task Force Senior Staff Face Unexpected Challenges While Traversing Team Building Exercise

USS BLACKWELL – In the wake of the retirement of Rear Admiral Renos and Captain Zaekia, the crew of the Andaris Task Force is united through a team building exercise with unexpected outcomes.

The USS Blackwell goes medieval

USS BLACKWELL — The USS Blackwell starts a crew-bonding exercise after a change in command staff.

Andaris Task Force investigates Consortium conspiracy

BURELLION – Information obtained by members of the Andaris Task Force presents a link between Taventa Robotics and the Consortium, pointing to hostile collusion that puts Starfleet ships and personnel at risk.

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