StarBase 118 marines assist in taking back hijacked vessel

StarBase 118 marines assist in taking back hijacked vessel

JENATRIS CLOUD — With the help of StarBase 118 marines, Starfleet forces began taking back the USS Narendra from Romulan pirates.
With the USS Narendra hijacked by Romulan pirates, the crew of StarBase 118 launched an interception mission – one that swiftly went awry in the famously turbulent Jenatris Cloud.
With their probe’s navigation damaged by a fierce ion storm, the senior crew were found by the Romulans and forced to quickly find a cover story. While the Romulans bought their story of being mere scavengers, they still saw fit to lock most of the senior crew in the brig, with Lt. Commander Aitas, Lt. Kasun, and Ensign O’Connor being taken to the bridge. There Aitas worked her way into the Romulans’ confidence after the other two had been dragged away to the conference room for questioning.
In the ship’s sickbay, the team under Lt. Commander Elspeth devised a plan of releasing a strong nitrous oxide mix into various parts of the ship with the intent to render the hijackers unconscious. As they worked to ready the canisters, the Romulans found them, sending in a small force to take them captive – only for Lt. Commander Silveira to let himself be taken, allowing his team to finish their work. They released the gas, overwhelming the brig area, the shuttle bay, sickbay itself, and much of the bridge.
With the gas released, they rushed to the help of Silveira. Elspeth sent Zel, Maxwell and McLaren to the bridge while she stayed with the ship’s EMH to fix up the badly injured Silveira.
Meanwhile, the starbase’s marine ship, the USS Aegis, arrived in the cloud to assist – sending over extra marine squads along with newly arrived Ensigns Valentino and Maro. These teams have struck out to free the prisoners in the brig and take the bridge.
“We aren’t ready to release the full details yet,” said Lieutenant Sara Roberts, a spokesperson at Starfleet headquarters, to reporters in San Francisco. “As soon as the mission is complete, I will have more information for you.”
Written by Taelon

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