Unknown creature dwelling within nebula attacks USS Constitution

Unknown creature dwelling within nebula attacks USS Constitution

LEMBATTA CLUSTER, MARCHLANDS – In a veritable ship graveyard, the USS Constitution encountered an unknown spaceborne lifeform during a rescue mission of a Linaran ship.

Just before departing on a survey mission of the Lembatta Cluster, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) received an urgent request from Linaran Science Minister Andarys Ohain. The Linarans had lost contact with a scout ship, and Ohain requested permission to accompany the Constitution as it searched for their lost ship.
Enroute to the nebula at the Linaran ship’s last known coordinates, Ohain advised the senior crew that the ship and its two inhabitants were on a crucial mission, and their retrieval was paramount. However, in a private conversation with Commander Maxwell Traenor, Ohain admitted that the cargo that the Linaran crew collected was the true aim and that the retrieval was more important than even that of the scout ship crew. Though harboring grave reservations about this priority, Traenor begrudgingly agreed to try and honor the minister’s wishes.
Once arriving at the nebula, the Constitution was rocked by eddies as it tried to blindly navigate to the scout ship through the thick nebula. Encountering wrecks from the last Klingon-Federation War as well as other unknown ship fragments, the Constitution moved forward gamely until they found evidence of the Linaran ship. However, the first mystery revealed itself as they found evidence of three Linaran crew instead of the two as Ohain had previously mentioned. When they finally came upon the Linaran ship, an unknown creature comprised of energy seemed to attack the ship.
“All the colors in its tendrils, it would be beautiful if it wasn’t trying to kill us,” said Yeoman Frank Demaris.
After temporarily repelling the creature and falling back, it was decided that the only way to rescue the surviving Linarans was to approach the ship with a shuttle. Led by Traenor and comprised of Ensign Edward Spears and Lieutenant Commander Atan T’Seva, an away team made it to the Linaran ship. They were able to rescue the two surviving Linaran crew from the strangely inert ship, and Traenor upheld his promise to Ohain to collect the cargo – an oddly energetic rock. However, once the away team were back in the shuttle, the space creature renewed its attack with a vengeance.
With the away team desperately trying to return to the Constitution with its wards, the crew of the Constitution are left scrambling to find a way to protect the shuttle from the creature and discover the secrets of the nebula before they too succumb to the fates of many ships before them.
Written by Maxwell Traenor

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