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Mysterious sickness puts a halt to peace talks

STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution is working overtime to compensate for attacks from the inside.

Linara and Hinji begin intense negotiations

STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution host negotiations between two species in the Marchlands.

USS Constitution to relocate to Starbase 104 in the Marchlands

STARBASE 11 — Family reunion celebrations were cut short for the crew of the USS Constitution by a new mission assignment.

USS Constitution officers depart Starbase 11 suddenly during shore leave

STARBASE 11 — During celebrations on Starbase 11, three officers from the USS Constitution unexpectedly hurried off the station in a Ferengi ship.

USS Constitution hosts family reunion on Starbase 11

STARBASE 11 — After an exhausting mission, the crew of the USS Constitution recovered from recent events and enjoyed time with their families on Starbase 11.

USS Constitution foils Orion Syndicate drug operation

DRAGORIN VI — Members of the Orion Syndicate have been arrested after they were discovered to be using local tree sap for a drug operation.

Dokkaran relocation halted after attack by unknown assailants

DRAGORIN VI — Several Starfleet officers have gone missing during a routine relocation mission.

USS Constitution lends helping hand to Dokkarans and finds suspicious activities

TALOS SECTOR — After the soil of Kelan, a planet inhabited by a group of settlers, was poisoned through unknown factors, the USS Constitution assisted with finding a new home for the group of sixty Dokkarans.

Constitution crew enjoys shore leave on Starbase 11

STARBASE 11 — After returning from Lerayn and the Suliban situation, the USS Constitution has returned to their home station of Starbase 11 for a well-deserved shore leave.

USS Constitution-B uncovers ties with the Cabal

LERAYN — A Suliban guest, discovered to be a sleeper agent responsible for the murder of Minister Junor, claims to have been programmed by a government’s guard, a secret member of the Cabal.

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