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USS Narendra returns to StarBase 118

STARBASE 118 — After successfully routing a terrorist plot, the USS Narendra made a triumphant homecoming to StarBase 118.

Forcing the surrender of the Ocala terrorist Colonel Govarek, the crew of StarBase 118 was able to retake the hijacked USS Narendra and rendezvous with the USS Aegis. No casualties were reported, neither from the Starfleet personnel who were taken hostage nor the Ocala rebels, in a rescue operation that Admiral Hauke stated was a “resounding success.” After bringing the released Narendra shakedown crew and the captured terrorists to the Embassy on Raskor I, the USS Narendra returned to StarBase 118.

Directly following this happy reunion, the senior staff was given an extended shore leave, providing the perfect opportunity to welcome new Ensigns Conrad Adler and Bastil Govern, as well as to welcome back returning officers Lieutenant Commander Baylen Anders, Ensign Diego Beyett and Lieutenant Commander (retired) Antero Flynn.

The station also took the honored opportunity to welcome Imperatrix Azera of the El Aurian race, who had some pointed questions for the StarBase 118 staff about the disappearance of her son.

Downtime saw many members of the crew in good cheer, and there were even rumors of First Lieutenant Valentino and Sergeant Gazkra participating in some spirited pit fights in the Klingon bar The Snarling L’Inghta.

“For a human, that marine was very… attractive,” Klingon waitress Lu’Jhurt commented while off the clock. “I believe the Terrans say ‘ripped?’ But I admit I prefer the purer Klingon ferocity of the Sergeant. It was a good night to live, to drink and to fight!”

Following rest and relaxation, a formal christening ceremony is planned for the newly arrived USS Narendra as well as accolades for the crew that participated in the rescue mission.

Written by Sal Taybrim

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