Admiral Turner names new command staff of USS Thunder

Admiral Turner names new command staff of USS Thunder

DURONIS II — Co-Commanders took charge of USS Thunder-A as shore leave was cut short due to a distress signal received from a drilling rig station on the fringes of the Typhon Expanse.

Having arrived back from a shakedown cruise that saw them temporarily stranded in uncharted territory, the senior staff of the Federation Embassy of Duronis II was summoned to the complex’s holosuite for what would become a most memorable night.
Several awards were handed out for the crew’s efforts for their last two missions, perhaps most notably the Legion of Merit awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Rode Mitchell and the Purple Heart to Lieutenant Delan Han, both earned in action against the Romulan Scimitar-class starship Wraith.
However, the festivities were just beginning, and Rear Admiral Toni Turner soon made a surprising announcement. As of that evening, Commander Oddas Aria and Commander Brayden Jorey were placed in co-command of the USS Thunder-A.
“I have decided to put them in charge of the USS Thunder,” explained Rear Admiral Turner, “to help them gain more of the experience they will need when they are put in charge of their own ships.”
Of course, the absence of Commanders Jorey and Oddas’ left vacancies on the USS Thor, which are to be filled by Rear Admiral Turner herself taking the Captain’s chair and newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Delan Han and Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug stepping in as Executive Officer and Second Officer respectively.
“I wasn’t sure if I’d heard the Admiral correctly,” said Lieutenant Commander Han. “It has all happened faster and in a different manner to what I would have expected, but it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”
The morning after the night before saw an immediate return to work for some officers, with Commanders Jorey and Oddas joined by Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova in an effort to bring the abandoned Cairdeas Station back to life.
The station, made up of the saucer section of a Galaxy-class Starfleet vessel and modified using vessels of various other origins, was assumed empty. However, it appeared that the trio has stumbled across a hitherto undiscovered slave-trafficking ring. The players involved are as yet unknown, but a suspicious man in a wide-brimmed hat was seen beaming off the station after being confronted by the Starfleet officers while a separate vessel, possibly Romulan or Orion, has been identified and is now under pursuit by the crew of the USS Thunder-A.
Meanwhile, shore leave for the officers still assigned to the USS Thor has been cut short as they respond to an automated distress signal sent by the Hercules, a drilling rig/space station in orbit around Planet P-995, just outside the Typhon Expanse.
Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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