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Trill welcomes the USS Gorkon

TRILLIUS SYSTEM – On a well-deserved break, the crew of the USS Gorkon explores the culture and natural beauty of Trill.

After a trying diplomatic mission to the Romulan Republic colony of Sikuna, the USS Gorkon transported several notable scientists from Tyrellia to a renowned conference on the planet Trill. While the conference was in session, the crew of the Gorkon were granted some well-deserved leave.

Cementing a reputation for playing as hard as they work, the Starfleet crew were seen out and about across the planet, witnessed in cities such as Najana City or Mak’ala, partaking in the rich culture and cuisine Trill had to offer. The Hoobishan Baths — always a popular tourist destination — welcomed several members of the crew, while others explored the spectacular outdoors, taking on one of Trill’s challenging mountain climbs. The Gorkon has been noted to have a controversially high complement of Joined Trill aboard, and many of them welcomed the chance to visit friends and loved ones.

“We are delighted to host the crew of the Gorkon,” Coben Ione, a representative from the Trill Visitor’s Board said, “particularly in light of their recent experiences. Trill offers a great deal to a weary traveller; opportunities to relax and recuperate, places where they can connect with the unique heritage of our species, and of course the chance to do what Starfleet officers do best — explore and discover.”

Toward the end of their stay, the senior staff converged on the Vessine campsite, located near the Troyval ocean and Deln mountain range. Known for its luxurious camping experience, the site offers privacy, stunning scenery and sumptuous offerings of food and drink from the attached Vessine farm. Taking advantage of the secluded surroundings, the crew opened their stay with a large party that lasted well into the night — and prompted a few sore heads the next morning.

Written by Quinn Reynolds

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