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USS Atlantis leaves away teams behind in pursuit of Consortium vessel and robot army

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis is heading for Lydor V to solve a mining mystery.

With reports coming in of unusual reading on a bronze-age planet, the USS Atlantis has sent down several away teams to Lydor V. While First Officer Commander Williams and his team set out for a sea trip with a religious captain, mission expert Tel-ar and his team started to look for possible mining locations on the surface in the hopes of finding out who was mining there and what was happening underneath Rrenkhetha city.

Explanations were eventually found when daredevil Lieutenant Raga and his team encountered alien robots in what appeared to be a modern way of gathering minerals and ore for an unknown faction. Realising their discovery, many of the mining bots self-destructed, causing massive tremors in and around one of the larger populated areas above ground. The reported damage was intense and several religious factions are already pointing fingers at their opponent’s gods.

With so many religious factions shifting the blame to their opponents, a civil war seems imminent. Unfortunately, the possible war is not all that needs to be settled. Several bots managed to escape from the planet on a cloaked ship and connected with their mothership – a Consortium vessel.

While the USS Atlantis has only recently recovered from their first encounter with one of these powerhouses, Captain Brell and his bridge officers quickly pursued, leaving several away teams behind on the primitive planet.

“If they even try to target us,” Captain Brell declared, “Let’s remind them why the last ship they sent for us had to catch us by surprise.”

Written by Alexander Williams

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